The transfer went well (I hope) on Friday. We had 2 straws with 4 embryos and 1 straw with 3. RE wanted to use one with 4, so we went with it. All 4 embryos survived the thaw, and my RE was hoping to put in at least 3. We had already talked about it and decided that we just didn’t want to risk it so we had them put in 2. Like DW said, with our luck lately, we’d end up being the .2% that ends up pregnant with quads. Of the 4 embryos, 2 were excellent grade and 2 were good, so I feel fine with just transferring the 2 excellent ones. Here’s hoping at least one is sticking!

We transferred the bottom two embryos:
In other news, I seem to have developed an allergy to the PIO shots. They have been extremely painful this time around and have been leaving giant bruised welts. My butt has gone from sore to HOLY HELL I CAN’T SIT DOWN. RE is switching me to suppositories, which will have their own fun, but damn will I be glad to get my ass back!
Beta on Friday 4/24…


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16 responses to “post-FET

  1. S

    >Here in Oz pessaries/crinone are the preferred method of progesterone/luteal phase support because of the higher absorbtion rates. good luck!!

  2. >so glad that the FET went so well. Stick, baby, stick!

  3. s

    >ack, im so excited for you!! i cant wait to read about your bfp on friday!

  4. >Your poor ass. Suppositories aren’t too bad. They definitely sound better than PIO plus an allergy. Two excellent embies sounds extremely promising.

  5. >I am so glad that you feel happy with your decision and your excellent quality embies. I also had bad reactions to the suppositories… gross story but if things swell I have a fix for you. :)Keeping my fingers crossed for wonderful news at the end of your 2ww.

  6. >Good luck to you. And hope the ass improves. Ouch.

  7. Jdz

    Woah.. I totally missed this coming!!! I didn’t know you were TTC #2!! So exciting and I’m totally jealous!! FX for you! (:

    • Jdz

      I just re-read everything from the past month and figured out this was Monkey creating time. Why is it showing up on my reader? lol

      • glamcookie

        Aw man! Sorry about that. I wouldn’t sneak up on y’all like that with a surprise FET announcement 🙂

  8. I need a cheat sheet on the acronyms you used in this post (other than DW)! haha Good luck with this time around! Sorry about your bum!

    • glamcookie

      First, let me apologize as this is an old post (4/19/09) from our first time around 🙂 Acronyms are FET: frozen embryo transfer, RE: Reproductive Endocrinologist (fertility doctor), and PIO = progesterone in oil (a shot that you give yourself daily after IVF or FET to help sustain a pregnancy).

      • LOL… wierdness! I should have looked at the date. It did seem odd that a post like that would come up in between your 30 day challenge! Well, good luck anyway when the time comes with TTC#2! 🙂

  9. Schroedinger

    Whoa, bizarre! I had the same reaction as JDZ, like wtf did I miss?! Just reader being all Spring-fever crazy, apparently 🙂

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  11. Whoo hoo! Stick emby stick!

  12. Or, embies, if that’s what you want 🙂

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