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breastfeeding boo!

I didn’t participate in yesterday’s Blog Carnival, but  limited television, sweets, and not always organic would be on that list of “shame.” Not really ashamed, though, as I believe in moderation. Having a sweet treat on occasion is part of the fun of life 🙂 And who doesn’t want a little Yo Gabba Gabba or Sesame Street now and then?

I officially have my “strangest place I have ever nursed.” The cemetery! We went to a Day of the Dead celebration at Hollywood Forever cemetery on Saturday (so flippin’ cool!). Monkey was Cranky with a capital C, so I found a quiet, secluded spot by a tree and whipped out a breast. I think that will rank as our #1 weirdest nursing locale, don’t you? (P.S. I would have gone to the car but it was parked FAR away.)


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monkey status

Thank you all for your support on my last (difficult) post. It means a lot to know I’m not alone – I think I can forgive myself now and move forward.

In terms of the sleep thing, we are doing much better lately, but I’m not holding my breath that it’ll last. Monkey slept until 6AM today, which feels like seriously sleeping in at our house 🙂 We’ve decided to start holding him to a schedule to get him to nap and go to bed a bit later so that maybe we can get out of the 4-5AM rut. No matter when he wakes, we are going to try putting him down to nap around noon and for bed around 7PM. Yesterday he was up at 4:30AM and was a complete mess by 11AM, so we went with it and put him down. He went to bed at 7PM and slept until 6AM, so hopefully we can get on track starting today. I’m also going to night-wean in early November. We have a ton going on in the next couple of weeks, so that’s why we’re waiting (plus it seems unfair to do 2 new things at once so first schedule then night-wean). Wish us luck and feel free to share your success stories.

Last night poor Monkey fell out of our bed – parenting fail! I usually put him down in his crib but if he wakes up within half an hour of when we’ll be going to bed, I just nurse him and leave him in our bed (I put pillows on either side of the bed to try to prevent a fall). Last night he cried out and we got up to head in and heard a loud BANG and wailing. Poor baby was on the floor! No physical damage done and he seems just fine, but I was so worried. Our bed is quite high and we have hard flooring (though there is a rug next to the bed where he fell). Guess I’ll have to be more diligent about getting him back into his crib on those early evening wakings. We’ve been talking about possibly upgrading to a king size bed (we have a queen currently) – maybe we should and have it be a platform bed so it’s close to the ground…

Any of you still having issues with cradle cap? Monkey has had it for all of his 21 months. I’ve tried the oil on scalp and light brushing (have used olive oil and baby oil) many many times, as well as the Mustela shampoo for cradle cap for many months, but nothing seems to work. Just curious if we’re the only ones still having the issue and if someone has a surefire way to end it.

Monkey is gaining ground on the speech thing lately. He is using Mama and Mommy on his own (LOVE!), and has added the following words to his vernacular:

  • Banca (Bianca, one of our cats)
  • Mehmeh (Momo, another of our cats)
  • key (kitty)
  • Melmo (Elmo)
  • Bih Ber (Big Bird)
  • nana (banana)
  • doll
  • eee-eye-eee-eye-oh
  • bye bye
  • baby
  • bubble

I’m sure there are others I’m not thinking of – he’s doing a lot more talking. It’s very cute.


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Here’s another entry in the LMaF Blog Carnival! When you’re done reading mine (if you’re not too depressed), click the link at the bottom to get others’ takes on the theme. This week’s entry is on disappointment.

This is actually pretty timely as I was all ready to write up a post about my disappointment in myself. Pre-Monkey, I was always extremely patient and able to put aside frustration or anger in order to get through a situation. I am surprised and unhappy with how little patience I have lately with my own child. I am not dealing well at all with losing so much sleep. The last week has been exceptionally bad in terms of lack of sleep. I think Monkey is on the verge of a talking breakthrough and is experiencing a major sleep regression. His sleep has never been good (as long-time readers of this blog are aware),  but every now and then, we descend into truly horrendous nighttime conditions. I haven’t had more than 5 hours of interrupted sleep a night for many nights in a row now. Monkey is tired and crabby and tantrum-y. Mama and Mommy are the same. We have been sniping at each other for the last couple of days – yesterday there were tears.

Now, I would NEVER hit or yell at Monkey and try to follow an attached parenting style, but I find that sometimes I’m a little rougher physically or verbally than I feel I would be if I were well-rested. I squeeze him a bit tighter, rock him a bit harder, and/or talk through clenched teeth when he refuses to go to sleep and I am fall-down tired. I know I’m not physically hurting him, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it scares him a bit and that just breaks my heart. Whenever it happens, I feel horrible and tell myself, “Never again.” But when it’s 3AM and I’m walking the floor with him for the fifth time that night (or nursing him for the millionth time), I just can’t seem to control myself. I have a lot of help from DW – we switch off and she does a ton. I am just surprised and really upset that my way of dealing with sleep deprivation is to feel rage and want to lash out. That is so not me and it is certainly not the way I want my baby to perceive me. I would be devastated if he ever felt afraid of me. For the record, I have not seen this in him ever, but like I said, I sometimes frighten myself in my reactions so I wouldn’t be surprised if he did feel that I was on the brink of losing control.

I find myself thinking that I may need to do what I have committed myself not to do: sleep training and/or night-weaning. He gets such comfort and is so sweet about nursing that it really hurts me to think about taking it away from him. We both worked so hard for this BFing relationship and he still feels like such a baby. It makes me teary to think of it – I’d really like for him to initiate weaning. I don’t truly believe that is ever going to happen, though.

In terms of sleep training, I just don’t believe in it. I’d never let an adult or older child cry themselves to sleep if I could be of some comfort to him/her, so why would I let my little baby? Since I don’t feel it’s the right thing for our family (and DW agrees), I doubt I’d be successful in even trying it. I think (no, I know) I’d be in that room within 5 minutes of crying. It’s especially difficult to think of when his initial bedtime is generally no big deal. He usually nurses for about 5 minutes, then I walk him around singing for about 10-15 minutes, and he’s out. No crying, no fuss, no upset. It’s the middle of the night and super early wakeups that are the problem. NOTE: I do not condemn others who choose to CIO. Your child, your family, your decision. We all make decisions that we feel are in our family’s best interest and I would never presume to tell someone else how to raise their child.

I feel I should also note that I did (and possibly still do?) have some PPD and am on a low dose of medication. I take half of what I would normally take since I’m still BFing.

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21 months

I have some time to kill before my next meeting so… here’s an actual post! Monkey is 21 months old. He is wearing 2T shirts and 18-24 month pants (he’s big on top and small on the bottom). His shoe size is 6-6.5, depending on the shoe. He is about 34″ tall and weighs around 27 lbs. And now I’m moving to bullets 🙂

  • Speech: Monkey is still a bit behind in this department, but he continues to surprise us with what he knows and understands. For example, we got him a new lift-the-flap Halloween book that has a page with a door that you open with trick or treaters behind it. He closed the door and knocked on it. No idea where he picked up knocking, but it sure was adorable. DW called yesterday to get Monkey on the schedule for speech evaluation. Neither of us is worked up over it at all and think he’s just fine.  But I don’t want to wait in case there is an issue – better safe than sorry. Will keep you updated on how that goes. We had to fill out a lengthy online questionaire – who knows when they’ll actually see us. I love LA!
  • Food: Monkey eats pretty well these days. The challenge is getting him in (and keeping him in) his chair. He doesn’t  want to be confined. So we generally feed him what we can until he just has to get down, and then offer him bites as he roams (he eats quite a lot this way). Bad habit? Maybe, but I like knowing he has a full belly. In terms of what he likes, he loves any type of fruit, fave veggies are asparagus and broccoli, and his favorite meal is Mommy’s mushroom chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy. Yum!
  • Sleep: Alas, sleeping problems are still a big part of our existence. We had pretty much adjusted to co-sleeping and being up for the day by 5:30 at the latest, with around 3 nighttime nursing sessions. The last week, though, has been horrible. Up for several hours in the night and up early for the day, long naps, difficulty going to sleep, daytime tantrums due to extreme sleepiness. No, it has not been a fun week in the L-M household. We think he was running a slight fever and might be teething (hands in his mouth a lot), but Motrin/Tylenol aren’t really helping. Let’s hope things get better soon. I am also considering night-weaning, but am terrified that then we’ll get no sleep as that is the only way to get him down sometimes. Argh.
  • Behavior: Monkey continues to be an intense little guy. He hugs often and tightly with a big smile and closed eyes. When he’s upset, he bites. Intensely. He’s like a pit bull with the locking jaw. Poor DW’s arm is covered in bruises (I have been bitten as well, but she gets it more often as the SAHM). When he bites, we hold his face firmly and tell him, “No biting. That hurts Mommy/Mama. Ouch!” If he’s being held, he gets put down immediately. Other than that, I’m really not sure what we can do until he’s able to communicate better. Sigh.
  • Toys: Monkey has encountered Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars due to his older cousin and our friend’s 2.5 year old and he LOVES them. I mean seriously. So, we’ve bought a few and it is ridiculous how much enjoyment he gets out of them. I’ve also gotten a few ideas for activities off of Pinterest (my latest Internet obsession). One that he really likes is glow sticks in the bathtub with the lights turned off. This is BIG fun, let me tell you. (And it’s cheap, too!). Any of you on Pinterest? Always looking for more people to follow 🙂
  • Halloween: We have two costumes yet again this year (DW can’t resist). He will be Yoda and a bat (looks like they are sold out of the costume, but there is a pic of it you can see under the bat treat bag). Cute, right?

And that’s what’s happening in the world of Monkey.


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