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shake, rattle and roll

You may have heard that we had a nice morning jolt here in Los Angeles – 4.4 earthquake! It was the first one for both boys, though only Monkey really got that something was going on. (Not that he was scared, mind you. If you ask him what he’s afraid of, he always says, “Not anyfing!”) Anyway, I woke to the windows rattling and the bed moving around, sat up and realized it was a fairly sizable quake and grabbed the baby and ran out to the dining room. We have a big, solid table that we agree is the safest place to be in an earthquake. Until the MM is a year old (next month!), we sleep in separate beds on either end of our condo – me and the MM in the boys’ room and DW and Monkey in our room. So we met at the table with both boys and got underneath. Monkey laughed so hard! It was pretty funny – I didn’t have my glasses on, so I was blind as a bat and I put the MM on the breast to keep him from being so squirmy. All is well – no damage, no big aftershocks. Still, I freaking HATE earthquakes and even more so now that we have kids. Ugh. This was a good reminder to get our earthquake kit up-to-date. We have one, but I’m sure all the food items have expired and there probably aren’t the right size diapers or anything like that in there. We also need to move it to a better location.

Other than that, nothing to report really. We are looking into summer day camp options for Monkey, the MM is growing like a weed, and we are all (finally) illness-free! After 2+ months of us passing colds around, it feels great! Oh! And not to jinx us, but Monkey slept until 6:40 AM yesterday and was awakened by the earthquake drama today at 6:30 AM! Could we finally be nearing the end of the 4:30-5:30 AM regular wake time?????? PLEASE???? It’s only been 4 years! #mamastired


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