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the terrible twos/the throw-stuff threes

This is kind of a vent post, a “please tell me others are experiencing this as well” post, and a HELP! post all rolled into one. Monkey has been sick for the last few days (nothing serious – just runny nose, slight fever) and his sleep? Has just fallen apart over the last couple of weeks. It is HELL to get him to go to bed at night lately and he is not getting enough overnight sleep (typically 8-9.5 hours). So he is way overtired and is acting out like crazy. I know part of it is normal for his age, but I think a big part of it is that he is just plain tired. He hits us, throws things at us, yells at us and is just a little terror in general for the better part of most days lately. It hurts physically and it hurts my feelings. Since I’m pregnant, I have a hard time keeping my emotions in check during these altercations and I either cry or am kind of mean back to him. I don’t want to do either of these things. I want to be the calm, rational parent who is in control of the situation. I’m so not (and DW isn’t really either, though she does better than I do these days).

We are on the AP side of the the parenting fence for the most part, so we haven’t done time outs and the like. Honestly, Monkey is such an intense kid I don’t think time outs would work with him. When he is in the midst of one of these episodes, he’s manic and upset and nothing you can say gets through – it would just be an epic battle. I find that what seems to work best is the old distraction game. Like last night, I was trying to get him to lay down and go to sleep. He was refusing, hitting me, getting all crazy. So I looked around the room in desperation and noticed the blinds making a stripey pattern on the ceiling. I pointed it out, “Look! Let’s lay down and look at the stripes.” Totally worked! We laid down together and looked and talked about the stripes and I even got hugs and kisses from the boy who two seconds earlier was beating me about the head. Of course, it didn’t work longer term – it took over an hour to get him to sleep with Mama and Mommy taking turns when it got too ridiculous. But I did learn a new strategy that I hope will work in the future. At least it seemed to help defuse the situation and calm us both down a bit.

So? Are you experiencing this type of behavior as well? If so, how do you handle it?


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preschool update

Monkey is doing incredibly well in preschool. He has learned to sit down at circle time (this is a big deal because he was SO far from it when he started a week and a half ago  hell, last week he bit DW because he didn’t want to sit down at circle time). He comes home filthy, tired and happy every day. He’s had no issue with separation anxiety at all. DW said today his teacher came up to her and said that every day someone tells her how much they like Monkey, and DW said two other parents have commented to her on how cute he is. So proud ❤

Now if only we could move forward on the potty training…


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here we go again

I got my period on Saturday and called this morning to schedule the first appointment of our last FET cycle. I go in tomorrow at 3. I am too tired to be excited or scared or apprehensive or anything. Monkey’s sleep has been out of control for the last few nights:

  • Friday: Up at 3AM. And stayed up until 10AM.
  • Saturday: Up for the day at 4:30AM.
  • Sunday: Another 3AM affair.
  • Monday: Up from 1:30-5AM. Then he went back to sleep, but only until 7AM.

I have no idea what is up with him – he doesn’t appear to be sick, there have been no changes in terms of his sleep schedule. He’s just UP. IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT. I must admit that the idea of adding a newborn to the mix is so very not appealing at this moment, and I almost question our sanity with trying. But I also know that things change all the time and by the time an infant would appear on the scene, Monkey would be almost a year older than he is now. Still, I honestly think I will feel just fine if this attempt ends in a BFN. That could change, of course, but right this minute I’m burned out and tired and just feeling like this is not a very good idea at all. Urgh.

When I’m less sleep-deprived, I’ll do a post on how much fun Monkey is these days (aside from the sleep thing). His language skills are exploding! He has adorable words (“Hay-oh?” for hello, “vee-oh” for video, “gee-affe” for giraffe). So cute! And he’s such a cuddly little guy. Love him like crazy – just wish we could get some solid sleep around here. I never should have written my “sleep is so much better” post a few weeks ago. Totally jinxed us. TOTALLY!


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potty training cont.

Yeah, the 3 day method was a failure for us. By the end of day 3, Monkey was crying when ran him to the potty. Even though others keep the program going beyond 3 days if the child isn’t yet potty trained, we decided that would be cruel and unusual punishment since it wasn’t going well, he seemed to be developing a fear of the potty, and he’d already been indoors for 3 solid days. We have backed off and put him back in pull-ups. Now we talk about underwear and going potty and give him the option instead (he never chooses to wear underwear or go to the potty).

I had hoped that at the end of the 3 days, Monkey would go pee mostly in the potty. Now he starts pre-school in a month and we feel pretty doubtful that he’ll be potty trained by then (they require that for attendance). So it’s in jeopardy I guess. We’re going to a pre-school picnic today and will have this discussion with them. We will be so disappointed if he can’t go – he really is ready in every other way.

So on that note, feel free to share any tips and tricks that worked for you. I know many of you did in my last post and I thank you for that.


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potty training

Well, we bit the bullet and started the 3 day potty training method yesterday.
–NOTE: The method is very simplistic and the items that the Web site says are addressed in the book aren’t addressed in depth at all. We’ll see if it actually works tomorrow – our day 3 – but I just wanted to say that before anyone buys the booklet on my recommendation.
We are a little past the halfway point and unfortunately have not had much success yet. The booklet says that’s okay and very normal, but it does make you wonder if we will have a potty trained boy by end-of-day tomorrow. Here is how things have gone so far.

Monkey woke up at around 4:30AM (GROAN!!!!). We removed his diaper and put him into his first pair of (adorable) underwear. Then we had him gather up all of his unused diapers and put them in the “garbage” (a tote bag that I stashed away). We went to the potty seat and talked about how now we use the potty to go pee pee and poo poo. No more diapers. Then we went into the living room, where he pretty much immediately went number 2 in his underwear. We took him into the bathroom and put it into the potty and had him flush it. Then we put on his second pair of underwear. Within ten minutes he peed in his pants. So we rushed him into the bathroom and had him sit on the potty and talked again about how that is where go to the bathroom. Then we put on his third pair of underwear.

Let’s just say he went through 7 pairs of underwear before 10AM. We had purchased 12 pairs at Target (x-small plain white Fruit of the Loom 6 packs). We quickly saw that that wasn’t going to be enough, so I ran to Target at 8AM and got 2 more packs. He never went potty on the potty at all yesterday, aside from a bit of dribble at the end of one our (many) runs to bathroom mid-pee. Sigh. He napped in underwear and woke up wet. Sigh.

We followed the rules and put him to bed in underwear (after much debate over whether we should just let him wear a nighttime diaper for nights), expecting to awaken to a wet boy at some point (possibly many points) in the night. DW woke up around 1:30AM to a wet toddler. We put him on the potty and changed the bed and he went back to sleep easily.

Monkey woke up dry at 5:45AM and I immediately took him to the potty, where he sat down and PEED IN THE POTTY!!! Woot woot! Much praise was heaped upon him – he was very proud of himself. We thought, “Look! We’ve turned the corner! This boy is practically potty trained now!” I’m sorry to say, friends, it wasn’t so. He’s had about 3-4 accidents so far today (up until 2:30PM), has had nothing happen in the potty, and is very resistant about going to the potty. He will tell us, “Pee pee/poo poo coming.” We will accompany him to the potty. He will remove underwear and sit on the potty. One minute later he is off the potty. Nothing we say will get him back to the potty. Sigh.

Still, there have been changes. First, he made it through nap time today without an accident. Second, he seems to get that he can hold his pee/poo. Notice that today’s underwear count is significantly lower than yesterday’s. I think that’s a decent step in the right direction. It seemed like yesterday he just went whenever he had the slightest urge, where today he holds it.

So, it’s a slow process over here. The booklet claims it WILL WORK in 3 days and says that some kids get it quickly in the first day, some the second, and some need the entire 3 days. Here’s hoping!

I haven’t seen much in the way of potty training posts from my bloggy friends. How is it going with you all? Have you started yet? What worked? What didn’t? And a few specific questions I have:

  • If you train on a little potty (as opposed to a seat on the big potty), how does that work/what do you do when you are away from home?
  • Are you training your boys to stand or sit? We figure sitting is easier for starting out and we’ll graduate to standing when he’s mastered the basics.


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night weaning and sleep update

Remember that series I did on night weaning back in February? Well, it turns out I get a lot of visitors here who Google for information on night weaning. So I thought I’d do a final update to let you all know where we are now (i.e. did night weaning solve our sleep woes?). In short, YES it absolutely did! I’ve gotten so used to sleeping through the night these days that I’ve almost forgotten (almost) how miserable it used to be with Monkey waking 3-5 times in the night to nurse. I was a walking zombie of crank!

These days, Monkey goes to bed around 7:30-8PM and sleeps until 5:30-6:30AM. (The 6:30AM thing has just started happening in the last week and I pray to the Sleep Gods that it continues.) He hardly ever wakes up in the night – I can only think of one time in the last few months that he did and I think he didn’t feel well. He also sleeps like a log. He used to wake fairly easily and once he was awake, it was extremely difficult to get him back to sleep. Now? He can fall asleep in the car and be carried in and put to bed without ever waking up. We have bed rails (he is in our bed and out of his crib completely at this point) and once he is asleep in the bed, we put them up. It is fairly loud but it never wakes him. Yes, I’m sure this is partly that magical toddler deep sleep thing, but I think it is also the fact that he has learned that sleep time is just that. TO SLEEP!

So those of you who have found your way here in a sleep-deprived fog hoping for light at the end of the tunnel? Don’t give up! It works! You can do this! If we can do it, believe me you can do it. Monkey used to be the world’s worst sleeper and now? Aside from the occasional super early wake up, he’s a rock star.

I suppose the next sleep-related issue we’ll have to tackle is getting him to sleep in his own bed. But really? We’re in no rush. Everyone is SLEEPING and that is the important part. We will get him in his own bed in time. Sometimes when he’s got me pushed to the very edge of the bed and I feel my annoyance level rising, I try to think about how in not so many years he’ll not want so much Mama closeness. And then I snuggle him tight 🙂

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