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4.5 (aka what the hell happened to my sweet kid?)

It’s so hard to find a moment to blog these days. I really don’t want to abandon the blog, but I must admit that I’ll likely be a sporadic poster as life continues to get more chaotic and hectic. The older my two get, the crazier it seems, if you can imagine 🙂

We are in 4.5 year old hell with our Monkey. He’s so hard to handle these days, it’s insane. He absolutely does not listen one little bit. He doesn’t respond to positive or negative consequences. He’s just a tasmanian devil of a child. He hits us and his brother for no reason, just out of the blue. He throws toys. He yells and screams. He does mean and/or annoying things just for the sake of it. In between all of these things, he cuddles in my lap, tucking his long, thin legs into his chest and pressing his head against my heart. I say, “I love you, S!” He says, “I wuv you, too, Mama!” But I must admit, the vast majority of the time is wild child with a few bright spots. I’m hopeful this turns around soon as we are pretty fried. Camp starts in 9 days. Counting down! Are you mamas of 4 year olds experiencing this? Anything working to calm the savage beast?

The MM is wonderful. Super mellow and sweet. He started walking a bit about a month ago, but has stalled out. He will stand up and take about 7 steps before plopping down on his butt. He claps and says, “Yay!” He is ticklish and his laughs and giggles just about break me with their cuteness. The teething is really bad for him lately – gums are red and swollen, poor guy. Still, sleep is not an issue with him (thank you!!!!).

We are all looking forward to our annual beach trip with my family in late July. A week with cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents. I can’t wait to sip an ice cold beer on the hot sand. Aaaaaaahhhhh.

I interviewed for a new job earlier this week and it went really well. So well that they want to create a senior level position just for me. It is in my area of expertise (current position is most definitely not and I’m not happy there), and they are 10 minutes down the road. No commute and I could come home for lunch! Score! Cross your fingers that they are able to put a package together that is equal to or better than my current position.


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what we’re up to

We are exactly 1 week away from the Marshmallow’s first birthday. I can’t believe it – it has gone SO quickly. That wasn’t really the case with Monkey, so it’s a surprise this time around. We were going to have a party for the MM’s birthday at Grandma’s house next weekend, but most of the people we invited couldn’t make it. It was a family-only party and half the family has a time-share that weekend that we were unaware of. Sigh. We are still going to set up a little party for him at Grandma’s Sunday but it’ll just be us, Grandma, and DW’s aunt and cousin. Maybe we’ll see if some friends want to come to our place on his actual birthday to sing and have cake and ice cream. I feel bad as we did a big shindig for Monkey’s first, but things are just different now. We are busier with two kids, a lot of our friend couples have broken up and things are awkward now, and the MM doesn’t have little friends his age like Monkey did. DW is going to start getting out there and making new mommy friends with babies – poor second child syndrome. I reminded her that Monkey was in Gym.boree classes and being taken to events daily when he was like 6 months old. (Yes, we plan on getting the MM into Gym.boree soon.)

See? We really did have a party planned 😦


The MM is doing a lot of finger walking and standing on his own lately, so I imagine he’ll be walking pretty soon. He has 2 teeth coming in, and they are causing obvious discomfort. I think I may invest in an amber teething necklace to see if it helps. Poor boo is so cranky and miserable and that is not my sweet, mellow man’s general mood. Baby is in 12-18 month shirts/onesies and 6-12 month bottoms – his brother was the same. Big and broad up top, small below. The MM loves all toys and loves to play. Lately he’s really into balls. He will throw them, lay across them on his belly, roll them, etc. His sleep is still pretty good, though nursing at night is still a challenge. I’m trying to muster the strength to night-wean as I said I would at 12 months, but my resolve is not very strong. He is my last baby and even though I’m tired, I so enjoy those precious nighttime cuddles. He is still not doing much eating, either. He’ll do pureed baby food, but actual solids? Not so much. He chokes and spits it out. We keep trying so here’s hoping he catches on soon!

I need to figure out this nursing thing because I’ve been doing a lot of work travel lately. A couple of weeks ago, we went to San Diego for a conference. Last week we were in Northern California as I had a presentation to do at an internal summit. Luckily it was also Monkey’s Spring Break, so he didn’t miss any school and we would have had to find stuff to do anyway. I’m going solo for a nearby trip in mid-May (fly in and out the same day). On our trip home, we flew in, picked up our bags, dragged everything/one to the car, strapped the kids into their carseats, turned the key in the ignition and… DEAD CAR! UGH! I called AAA and they were running behind and said they’d be there in an hour and a half (!!!). I was like, “Seriously??? I have 2 small kids here!” Fortunately, they put a rush on our ticket and someone was there within 15 minutes. They gave us a jump and we went home. We had tickets to see Neko Case that night (purchased prior to knowing about this work trip) and we had to miss it as the car wouldn’t start. Bummer and a relief as I was really wanting to just chill out in my jammies. We got a new battery put in on Friday and all is right in car land again.

View from our hotel room in San Diego (pretty sweet, eh?):


We had a nice and busy Easter weekend. Saturday we went to a friend’s birthday party at a local park (a fireman theme and they had an actual firetruck show up!) and then went to another friend’s place for an afternoon play date where we had an egg hunt. On Sunday we did the whole Easter basket thing, dyed eggs (whoops – was pretty late this year), and then went to Grandma’s and had an egg hunt and more little baskets.

Fire truck at birthday party:


Easter baskets!


I’ll be doing an Easter picture post, so let me know if you need the password.



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misc. update

It’s been so long since I’ve posted that I have lots of disjointed things to discuss. So here goes…

2 year checkup

Monkey had his 2 year appointment on the 5th. It was the first time he was able to be weighed and measured like a big boy (standing on the scale). He freaked out! I have no idea why, but we weren’t able to get accurate stats for weight and height. Sigh. He did much better in the exam room, allowing Dr. S to look in his eyes, ears, and mouth with no problem at all. Wouldn’t you think that would be freakier than standing on a scale? Oh, Monkey. Anyway, all checked out just fine and we were in and out in half an hour. There was one vaccination – Hepatitis A. There were tears for that one, but that’s to be expected. I can’t believe we now have a whole year before his next regular exam! Yay!


Monkey has really amped up in this area. He is now putting phrases and sentences together like crazy and he has tons of words. He’s continually surprising us with what he knows. It’s so cool! He remembers stuff and talks about that, too. Like we had a beautiful full moon last night. This morning he said, “[Monkey] see moon!” And he talks about our friends’ dog who likes to chase balls (“Doggy chase ball.”). Yesterday we had a late holiday thing with some friends and there many Christmas cookies out. Monkey was constantly at the counter reaching up and saying, “[Monkey] cookie now!” Hahahaha! Adorbs.

Birthday party

We are having Monkey’s second birthday party on Jan. 21st at a place near us that is all bounce houses. It’s kind of pricey, but it’ll be fun and also nice not to have to do much but just show up. They are providing food (pizza) and decorations, and we are bringing cupcakes and a fruit platter. A friend had his son’s birthday at a place like this last year and it was a blast for kids and adults. Here is the cute invitation we sent out. I really wanted to get these cupcake toppers, but it’s silly expensive once you factor in shipping and getting enough for 24 cupcakes. I need to get crafty and learn how to make these sort of things… We figure we’ll just get some generic birthday-themed toppers and cupcake holders in primary colors and be done with it.

Granny and Papa visit

My parents are coming out next week for a visit. My dad is staying for 4-5 days and my mom will be here for a week. I took the whole time off, so we should have some good times. We are contemplating Disneyland, but I’m not sure Monkey is quite ready yet. No matter what we do, it’ll be nice to have them around. I know they miss seeing Monkey. Maybe Mama and Mommy can even squeeze in some couple time. What a concept!


The teething situation has improved greatly since my last post. We are back to our normal nighttime routine (nursing a lot, but not up in the night for hours). I think he’s still teething, though, as I’m still seeing blood on the toothbrush and I’m brushing very gently with a soft-bristled brush. It is very difficult to get his teeth brushed as he fights it like crazy. We have to hold him down and brush, which we all hate. I’m worried about cavities but I’m not sure what I can do that we aren’t already doing. When do you typically start taking a kid to the dentist? I’ve heard 3, which makes sense, but I’m kind of concerned about waiting that long when he doesn’t let us brush appropriately. Argh.

General 2-ness

Monkey has decided lately that he HATES having a shirt put on. It takes forever to get him dressed to go anywhere, and sometimes we end up having to hold him down while he screams and cries and force a shirt on him. We try to get his PJ top on, but if he fights us (and he usually does lately), we let him sleep in just his PJ pants. Just this morning I was able to get him by just heading for the front door and saying, “Let’s go outside!” He came over and allowed me to put his shirt on. It’d be nice if this were a new trend, but I’m not holding my breath. He also pitches a fit when it’s time to go home after having fun somewhere. I find that just letting him have the tantrum (lay down on the ground and cry and generally freak out) while I stand or kneel nearby quietly works best. The tantrum ends fairly quickly and then we are on our merry way. I’m a little scared of 3 – everyone tells us that 3 is the worst in terms of tantrums and toddler craziness.

TTC #2?

Still not sure where we are here. Weaning is not happening right now, but we’re planning to start trying with it soon. I wanted to wait until the teething situation improved and lately it has. At some point here we’re going to have to bite the bullet and just do it. It’s going to be H.A.R.D. Any of you have any success with this lately? I know there were a few of us talking about starting the process.



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2 year molars

(I so wanted to add UGH!!!!! to that title.) Today is our first good day with Monkey in about a week. He is getting all four of his 2 year molars and it has been awful lately. We were up in the night for hours with him for about 5-6 nights in a row (finally caught a break on that one last night). It got so bad that the night before last, I was in tears on the couch with him watching TV at 2AM.

As bad as that has been, I know poor Monkey has been in serious discomfort. His gums are all red and swollen and we’ve had a little bleeding when brushing teeth, too. He ran a low-grade fever for about 4 days, refused to eat much of anything, and had some bowel issues to boot. He’s been crazy clingy and nursing more than he did as a newborn (so that whole weaning thing is on the back burner for now). He’s also been crabby, grumpy, and aggressive, especially toward me. I can’t tell you how many times in the last week I’ve been hit, kicked, bitten, head-butted, or had my hair pulled. It is SO hard to keep your cool when you’re going on very little sleep, you’re being constantly hurt, and you’ve got a toddler on your breasts 24/7. Christmas was not very pleasant for us this year, unfortunately, though Monkey got a ton of great stuff and I know he had moments of fun (as did we).

On the plus side, I’ve been reading lots on 2 year molars and have seen many people reference the fact that sleep got much better than it had ever been once they are in. Keep your fingers crossed, friends!

I will do a more upbeat Christmas post soon, but wanted to share the misery in case others of you are in the same boat.


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