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4 weeks

Yesterday, the newbie turned 4 weeks old. So crazy! It seems like we had him yesterday! So far, he is a super easy baby. He sleeps all the time and only fusses for a bit in the early evening (like all babies his age do). He will also cry if you don’t get him on the breast in a timely fashion – dude loves to eat. I’m already feeling like this post is going to be a jumble of info, so let me at least categorize what I can!

Weight/Clothes/Eating: This guy was 9 lbs at birth (39 weeks). A week later at his first ped appt, he weighed in at at 8 lbs 9 oz. At his second appt 10 days later? 10 lbs 4 oz! This guy is getting huge! I don’t even know what he weighs now, but he blew past newborn clothes in about a week, and his 0-3 stuff is starting to get a bit snug. I think he’ll be in 3-6 within the next week or so. Insane. He loves to nurse, latched on immediately after being released from the NICU, and has just done great with BFing. My body apparently remembered just what to do – we’ve had zero issues with nursing this time around.

Sleep: This guy? Sleeps like a rockstar. I am SO VERY THANKFUL and hope it stays that way. The first few nights were rough because I was trying to get him to sleep in the co-sleeper. That wasn’t really working, so we moved to co-sleeping. He cuddled right up and slept for like 4 hours, nursed and then went to sleep for another 4 hours. I have to wake him up in the morning and change his diaper, then he eats and passes out again for a few hours. He has a few times during the day when he’s awake, but he mostly sleeps. I am not used to a baby that sleeps like this – it is heavenly 🙂 Monkey also would never sleep anywhere but in our arms when he was tiny. This guy? Naps in the swing, the stroller, the wrap, all of it!

Big brother: Monkey is a truly sweet and wonderful big brother so far. He loves his little bro. He is constantly touching him, hugging him, talking about him – it makes your heart melt. I’m sure we’ll encounter issues at some point, but so far, he is just as in love with baby F as his Mamas are. We have noticed lately that he is wanting more time with me, so we are going to start making some one-on-one time for us. The baby and I are sleeping in another room while he’s so tiny, and I spend a ton of time nursing so I’m sure he’s feeling a bit abandoned, poor guy.

Mama: I started my ADs again right after delivery and I have had no issues with PPD or even baby blues. I felt totally bonded with this baby immediately (it took a little while with Monkey). It is a totally different experience and makes me sad that I waited so long to get back on ADs after having Monkey. I am able to thoroughly enjoy my newborn, which is nice since it’s my last one. DW and I are both totally in love with him and are soaking it all in.

Blog name: I have a couple of possibilities for a blog name for the newbie and thought I’d toss them out there and see what you guys like. One is Little Bruiser as he is so huge! Another is the Dinosaur as all of his little baby noises make us think of dinos. We’ve been calling him Lima and Little Bean as well, but there is already a blogger with “the Bean” so I think those are out. Which will it be, friends?

Next up: Picture post!


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