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flying: an update

Well, we did it! We got 3 tickets to visit South Carolina for the week of July 4. I’m excited for the trip, and terrified of the flight experience. Especially as Monkey is fully entrenched in toddlerhood at 16 months – I shudder to think what he’ll be doing at 18 months. Ah well, even if it’s horrible, it’ll be over soon enough. On the way there, we have a 4 hour flight with an hour layover and then another 2 hour flight. On the way home, we have a 1 hour flight with an hour layover and then another 4 hour flight. Those sound like awfully long days… Any tips on plane travel with a toddler would be much appreciated.

On the Monkey front, he has another little cold and has passed it on to me. Argh. It’s not a bad cold, thankfully, and he appears to be much better today so I’m hopeful I’ll be on the mend quickly as well. What else has he been up to? Let’s see. He is understanding many many more words, but has yet to really say any. He babbles constantly so I think he’s trying, but it’s all gibberish still. One thing he is actually close to saying is Bette Davis (BETTEDADA!). Hahahahaha! He can point to various animals, objects, etc. in books when you ask him to, and he can point to hair, eyes, mouth, etc. on himself and others, but he hasn’t yet said any of the words. It’s strange as before he was walking, he was saying book, ball, and wheel, but then kind of “lost” them. I’m not worried as he continues to show us he understands a lot, which is what the ped said is most important.

He is a cuddly little guy (definitely knows the word “hug”) who enjoys swimming, playing at the park and Gymboree, reading, and walking/running. When he doesn’t get his way, he can throw an impressive tantrum. He yells, goes limp if you’re trying to pick him up, and sometimes bangs his head (on Mommy/Mama’s head, a wall, the sliding glass door, whatever is in reach). This usually happens at home, but we have had a couple of incidents of taking the crying thrashing toddler out of the store mid-tantrum.

Monkey is a total people person. When we are out, he approaches people and smiles at them. We went to the zoo on Mother’s Day and Monkey had a great time meeting Grover. We took a family pic with Grover and then DW asked me to see if he’d stand on his own with Grover. I put him down and he grabbed onto Grover’s hands and pulled them around his neck. The entire line of people went, “AAAAWWWWW!” It was so cute. Monkey didn’t want to leave when it was time. Cue the tantrum!

On the sleep front, Monkey is still taking two naps per day. We tried moving him to one nap, but it was obvioius pretty quickly that he wasn’t ready. So we’ll wait for some cue that he is. For about 2 weeks now, he has regularly slept until 5:30-5:45AM every day. Sounds early, I know, but we are thrilled that he seems to be off the 4-4:30AM wakup train! Woot woot!

He is still nursing like crazy, which is driving Mama a bit batty. I don’t know when this child will ever be weaned. Or when my period will come back. I just try to remember this too shall pass…


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