30 day challenge: day 18

Before I get into my blog challenge post, let me apologize for that old April 2009 post appearing in everyone’s readers. I went back looking for the exact date of our transfer when we got PG with Monkey as I wanted to remember it on the date in 2011. All my old Blogger posts came into WordPress with “>” signs in the titles and first para, so I cleaned those up as I was going to link to the post. I guess it triggered the post getting re-published. Sigh. I’m still learning the ways of WordPress…

Anyway, tomorrow is the two year anniversary of our FET, which resulted in our beautiful Monkey 🙂 To those two of you who may have missed it, here’s a link to my post on that day: https://path2parenthood.wordpress.com/2009/04/19/post-fet/

Something you regret

DW and I both regret that we waited so long to decide we wanted to have kids. We wish we’d had Monkey about 5 years earlier than we did (at 34 instead of 39). If we had, we wouldn’t feel so under the gun now to make a decision regarding #2. Of course, we may not have gotten Monkey, I wouldn’t have gone back to school for my Masters, and we might not have been in a place where DW could be a SAHM. Still, I hate this feeling of needing to decide OMGRIGHTNOW about something so important and that if we decide to do it, Monkey will have to cut short his experience of being the one and only little baby in the house. If I had my way, I think I’d wait until he was 3 to try again. But I don’t have that luxury.



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3 responses to “30 day challenge: day 18

  1. I love reading your old posts. We called L “Nugget” too! Happy almost FET anniversary 🙂

    Hoping the #2 decisions feel right for you…

  2. Claire

    You’re right, it sucks! I have the same regret but the way it worked out we got our beautiful Isobel and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Good luck with Decision Baby 2.0 and happy FET anniversary!
    I know things are different in Ca, but just curious, now you have an IF diagnosis ( I’m assuming because of IVF) does insurance cover the FET? sorry if I’m presuming! Just cos we will be facing this in the future so very interested:)

    • glamcookie

      I had great insurance the first time around (Aetna PPO) and they paid for just about everything. Since then, my company has switched to Cigna, so I have no idea what (if any) coverage I’ll have. As far as I know, it doesn’t have anything to do with being in CA – is just dependent on the insurance situation.

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