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>We watched a Bela Lugosi movie last night called White Zombie in which a young woman was turned into a zombie on her wedding day. By the end, she was back to her old self and I swear to God the first thing that popped into my head was, “Well that can’t be good for the baby-making! Alive, dead, alive again!” The wild and wacky mind of a woman who has struggled with infertility. You people are the only ones with whom I would share that particular weird thought 🙂 Hey, at least I can find some humor in it, right?

I stop the progesterone inserts and estrogen shots on Sunday 6/14! Then I have my first OB visit on 6/15 and first tri screening on 6/25. Time finally seems to be moving again.


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>Hey, thanks for all of the positive reinforcement on the beta numbers. I’m feeling better this morning and willing the nugget to hang in there this time around. To the person who asked, next Monday is indeed my final beta. We didn’t do a 3rd beta last time around so I assume my RE is doing it so I don’t go crazy after the m/c. Bless you, Dr. Q! Also, in regard to the PIO question, I am on progesterone supplements due to the previously mentioned allergy I developed to PIO. So much better! Seriously.

I had to get some new jeans over the weekend as the bloat has caused me to not fit into most of my others. I think it’s more IVF meds bloat than anything else. Just thought I’d give you a heads up that there are some great stretchy jeans by Levi’s that are perfect for this in-between stage. They are called Perfectly Slimming (hahahaha!) and have a bit more lycra or spandex in them than most jeans. It feels like you are wearing leggings, but looks like you’re wearing jeans, which I wear every day of my life. Totally comfortable. I got mine at Macy’s.


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The transfer went well (I hope) on Friday. We had 2 straws with 4 embryos and 1 straw with 3. RE wanted to use one with 4, so we went with it. All 4 embryos survived the thaw, and my RE was hoping to put in at least 3. We had already talked about it and decided that we just didn’t want to risk it so we had them put in 2. Like DW said, with our luck lately, we’d end up being the .2% that ends up pregnant with quads. Of the 4 embryos, 2 were excellent grade and 2 were good, so I feel fine with just transferring the 2 excellent ones. Here’s hoping at least one is sticking!

We transferred the bottom two embryos:
In other news, I seem to have developed an allergy to the PIO shots. They have been extremely painful this time around and have been leaving giant bruised welts. My butt has gone from sore to HOLY HELL I CAN’T SIT DOWN. RE is switching me to suppositories, which will have their own fun, but damn will I be glad to get my ass back!
Beta on Friday 4/24…


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