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party planning

This has been the week from hell. Truly. Last Sunday, my MiL fell at her house and broke her arm. Her “friend” who was living with her rent-free for 7 months bailed and it got ugly. DW had to referee and help this “friend” pack her crap to get her out of there quickly. Both boys and I have been sick forever. We were supposed to go to Disney.land Thursday and Friday, but that didn’t happen. Instead, I was home alone and sick with two sick boys all day (with no car) while DW was helping her mom. They do not get along well, so that was not at all pleasant for DW. Today we were supposed to go hang with a friend and her son and have beers, but I’m feeling worse today and the MM had a rough night so only DW and Monkey went. See? Told you it was a week of suck.

In all of this, however, I’ve come up with the perfect theme for baby MM’s first birthday (4/29/14) – we’re having a vintage toy party! (Amanda, I blame you for this WAY AHEAD planning 🙂 I was not even thinking about baby’s first birthday until you posted that you had started planning Boo’s!)

Long-time readers may know that we are all about vintage themes. First, there was our vintage cowboy themed baby shower:


Then Monkey’s Winter ONEderland party, which had a vintage feel:


And last year, we had a vintage cowboy/train party for Monkey’s third birthday:


Now I’m pinning like a mad woman and having so much fun! This theme is perfect for us as we already have tons of vintage style toys and stuffed animals. Below is just a fraction of what we have (why yes, I was extremely bored being cooped up for so many days and gathered toys and took pictures of some ideas for the party):



We also have the Fisher.Price piano and phone and lots of tin toys (robots, planes, etc.).


Also have a sock monkey and an adorable little goose stuffy that would work well.

We also have:

  • Old school building sets (tinker.toys, baby blocks, and Lincoln.Logs): Thinking of spelling out the MM’s name with the baby blocks and using tinker.toys to hold cards that have the different food items on them with some vintage clip art.
  • Wooden train set: This could be cute for centerpiece(s). Milk bottle with sunflowers and circular train track around the base.
  • Little.Golden.Books (thinking of buying these as party favors, too): Check out the Little.Golden.Books party stuff!
  • Wooden puzzles: Have ABCs, 123s, animals
  • Grocery cart with wooden pots, pans, and food

The possibilities are ENDLESS!

Decor can also double as entertainment (kids can play with the toys)! We are planning on having this at our local park and we’ll bring Monkey’s Radio.Flyer wagon (add cute bunting and wagon balloon and put gifts in it!), tricycle, and scooter for cuteness and play, too. I’m having way too much fun fantasizing about this party. It won’t be nearly as elaborate as what I have in my head, but it won’t take much effort or money to make it super cute and fun. I need to find someone who has a wooden highchair I can borrow to really put the finishing touch on it…

The only thing I’m trying to think of is if we do this as a morning party, what vintagey type food could we serve? I had initially thought Cracker.Jacks, animal crackers, that sort of thing, but is that nuts if we had a party at like 9 or 10AM? Thoughts?


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35w6d: this is really happening

I have really been neglecting this blog during this pregnancy. I had my OB appointment on Tuesday and all is well. Strangely, she isn’t seeing me weekly at this point – CS is scheduled for April 29 and I don’t go in again until April 16. That will be my last OB visit before the CS. Kind of strange, no? I guess that means everything is checking out great and all, but it makes me a little nervous. They gave me the list of things to pack in your hospital bag, info on the hospital and breastfeeding and all of that stuff and it felt like WOW this baby is really almost here! We even forgot to sign up for the two classes we wanted to take (CPR and the hospital sibling tour for Monkey) so now we’ll be those people who are in the class just weeks/days before the baby comes. Oops! We have CPR Monday night and we went ahead and signed up for the hospital tour even though the only one we could do is on April 25 – we’ll see if I’m even still PG at that point. Hahahaha!

We are having a painter come in and paint the office/future boys’ room and then once we get it all set up we’ll be bringing in all of the newborn stuff in our storage unit and getting it all in order (swing, tub, co-sleeper, etc.). It’s coming together, slowly but surely. Oh, we also need to get to the mattress store and buy a full-size bed for that room. I figure that’ll come in handy having 2 kids – somebody can bail out of the “family bed” if things get nuts.

I continue to be huge and uncomfortable and tired. I am out of breath easily these days just walking around, and all I really want to do is lay down. I’m so so lucky to work from home as I’m able to take naps and generally take it very easy. I’m planning on working right up until April 26, which would probably not be possible if I had to commute every day.

Monkey’s Spring Break was last week and we went down to our friend’s place on Coronado (off the coast of San Diego) for most of the week – I took a couple of days off and just worked from there for a couple as well. We had a great time, just lounging in the pool and watching Monkey go wild on the beach. We had friends come down a couple of days that have kids Monkey’s age and they had a blast. We were even there on Easter and had an egg hunt on the lawn overlooking the ocean. Good old SoCal living right there. These kids have no idea how good they have it 🙂

Monkey has a little spring cold right now, but so far it hasn’t been too terrible. He has a fever and a slight cough and tells us he is sick. This is the first time he’s had a cold when he’s been able to articulate what is wrong. It is both cool and sad. Today he told us he was tired and wanted a nap. Whoa! That’s NEVER happened! He’s really turning into a full-fledged kid. Now if only he’d use the *&^%$^ potty 😉


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Before I begin, I feel the need to caution anyone TTC or having issues TTC. This post may seem cold and ungrateful since I’ve been blessed with one wonderful son and another on the way. I do know that I am lucky beyond measure – I just need to get this out, process it, and fix it.

I haven’t written in a while because things have been so hard lately. I have had a head cold for about 2 weeks and it is not going anywhere anytime soon, so it seems. Combine that with the aches and pains (and insomnia) of pregnancy, along with the demands of parenting an almost 3 year old, and you have a not very happy Mama. I really don’t want to go on anti-depressants during my pregnancy, but I’m starting to wonder if I’ll make it another 4 months without. For the record, my OB is totally fine with being on ADs while pregnant – it’s me who is resistant. Dr. Google tells me that doctors are split on whether they are safe or not, so I really want to err on the side of safety. But I also want to enjoy and be present for my family, so I’m not sure what I’ll end up doing. I hate my messed up brain chemistry.

I’ve been so tired and upset I’ve had thoughts of, “Why did we do this? I can’t handle the lack of sleep now, it’s only going to get worse once this baby arrives.” Isn’t that horrible? When I was PG with Monkey, I was so excited and happy waiting for his arrival. With the newbie, I’m mostly anxious and worried (and let’s not forget exhausted). I don’t want to feel that way. I’m sure a bit of that is normal, but I feel like what I’m feeling isn’t normal. It feels a lot like when I had a touch of the PPD after Monkey was born. Not debilitating, but not fun either – for me or for my family.

My OB gave me a couple of referrals to psychiatrists that specialize in treating pregnant women, but I’ve been reluctant to call because I really don’t think talk therapy is for me, and I’ve been trying so hard to stay AD free. If I start feeling much worse, I think I’ll need to call and see what can be done. I feel really defeated.


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sick and tired

ZOMG the last week has been horrendous. First Monkey got sick (slight fever, sniffles). Then DW got sick. Then I got sick. Monkey missed a lot of school because he’s been sick. He also refused to nap for several days and has been getting up for the day at 4AM for the last 4-5 days. Yes, 4AM! He was back at school on Monday and Tuesday and is finally napping again. Between being sick, sleep-deprived and pregnant, I’m seriously on the ragged edge.

Weirdly, having this cold has put my morning sickness on the backburner. I don’t feel nauseous, I don’t want to eat, I just feel sick and wish that I could sleep for days and days. I hope all is well with the newbie. We go in for the first tri screening tomorrow. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit anxious, but I will be happy to see my old pal, Dr. Gay.

Please please please let the newbie be a sleeper. I am terrified of my future if I end up with two kids who don’t sleep :/


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the terrible twos/the throw-stuff threes

This is kind of a vent post, a “please tell me others are experiencing this as well” post, and a HELP! post all rolled into one. Monkey has been sick for the last few days (nothing serious – just runny nose, slight fever) and his sleep? Has just fallen apart over the last couple of weeks. It is HELL to get him to go to bed at night lately and he is not getting enough overnight sleep (typically 8-9.5 hours). So he is way overtired and is acting out like crazy. I know part of it is normal for his age, but I think a big part of it is that he is just plain tired. He hits us, throws things at us, yells at us and is just a little terror in general for the better part of most days lately. It hurts physically and it hurts my feelings. Since I’m pregnant, I have a hard time keeping my emotions in check during these altercations and I either cry or am kind of mean back to him. I don’t want to do either of these things. I want to be the calm, rational parent who is in control of the situation. I’m so not (and DW isn’t really either, though she does better than I do these days).

We are on the AP side of the the parenting fence for the most part, so we haven’t done time outs and the like. Honestly, Monkey is such an intense kid I don’t think time outs would work with him. When he is in the midst of one of these episodes, he’s manic and upset and nothing you can say gets through – it would just be an epic battle. I find that what seems to work best is the old distraction game. Like last night, I was trying to get him to lay down and go to sleep. He was refusing, hitting me, getting all crazy. So I looked around the room in desperation and noticed the blinds making a stripey pattern on the ceiling. I pointed it out, “Look! Let’s lay down and look at the stripes.” Totally worked! We laid down together and looked and talked about the stripes and I even got hugs and kisses from the boy who two seconds earlier was beating me about the head. Of course, it didn’t work longer term – it took over an hour to get him to sleep with Mama and Mommy taking turns when it got too ridiculous. But I did learn a new strategy that I hope will work in the future. At least it seemed to help defuse the situation and calm us both down a bit.

So? Are you experiencing this type of behavior as well? If so, how do you handle it?


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calmer now

Okay, I’ve managed to dial back the drama over here 🙂 The sleep situation is a bit better, but still not good. This too shall pass…

And it is now almost 24 hours later from when I started this post and we had another horrible night. Monkey is definitely sick now, so I guess we know the cause. Nothing serious, just a runny nose and low-grade fever – but it’s enough to make sleeping difficult I guess. I got maybe 5 interrupted hours of sleep last night. On the plus side, I watched the women’s gymnastics on On Demand and that was cool. Monkey also likes the Olympics. He has enjoyed watching gymnastics (“jumping”), swimming, and cycling. Future sports fan or player – maybe both?

I had my RE appointment on Tuesday and it went well. All looked good and I started with Vivelle patches that day (leftover from my last cycle). The rest of my meds will arrive today – more patches, Medrol dose pack, and PIO with needles and syringes. You may recall that I had no injections with my last FET. I’m not sure what changed, but they want me to do progesterone via injections this time around (of course they do – I have about 3 boxes of suppositories left over from last time). I have my next appointment next Friday (8/10), and they estimated the transfer to be on 8/16. Beta would be one week after transfer. It all goes so fast, it’s kind of crazy.

Yesterday I was feeling much more ready for this try and excited about the possibility of another baby. Today I am back to thinking OMG what are we doing???? I’m just telling myself that what will be will be. If we have another baby, we will love him/her and be happy to have another member of our family. I know this. It will be hard, but it will be great, too. If the sleep thing would just get better, I know I’d feel 100% on board. This actually helps me to feel more positive about this try, too, as the bad sleep can’t last forever, right? RIGHT????

Sorry this post is rambly and all over the place. Mama needs some serious sleep. Aw, and now I’m hearing “our song” from the next room where Mommy and Monkey are watching videos. Oasis “Live Forever” – “Maybe you’re the same as me/ We see things they’ll never  see…” ❤


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I went in today for my very first mammogram (I couldn’t do it at 40 due to nursing) and got some crap news. Apparently you have to wait 3 months after weaning to have a mammogram. It has been one month since I weaned Monkey. So, not only did I have to go out in the pouring rain and miss an hour of work this morning, I am now having to push out our first try for baby #2 to June/July. SO FRUSTRATING!!! I’m more pissed too because I even asked my doctor about nursing and mammograms and she acted like you didn’t even have to have the baby weaned  to do it – just stop nursing for two days due to the xray. The woman at the place today felt really bad. I was like, “But I was going to start trying for another baby next month!” Damn it. And I can’t push out the mammogram another 2+ years, which is what it would be with pregnancy/nursing. That would be foolish. I’m just bummed out. Count this as a checkmark against being an older mom 😦

In other news, we are all sick and have been for days. Low-grade fever, congestion, sneezing, coughing – the works. Mama and Mommy are starting to feel better today, but I think poor Monkey is feeling worse today. He was begging to go to bed at 9:15 after waking up at 5 this morning. Poor guy.


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non-posty post because mama is tired

Just a quick update – Monkey seems to be fully recovered. However, he was up last night from 1:30AM-8AM. OMG! This boy! He sure knows how to pick these bad nights. I had to go into the office this morning. Argh!


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