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perfectly imperfect

We went to water the plants at Monkey’s school on Monday with another mom and her daughter. We planned to bring along bubbles, thinking the kids would like to do that, and I thought the baby would like it, too. I had a whole image of how this scene would play out – and then I thought about the reality.

Imaginary scene

Baby F and I would sit in the shade on our picnic blanket. Monkey and his playmate would skip happily around us chasing the delicate bubbles that I would blow in the breeze. The baby would coo and wiggle in delight. Butterflies would lazily dance in the air as birds chirped up in the trees. A fat squirrel or two would play in a nearby tree.


There is no shady spot and it’s hot as hell already, so I’d keep the baby in his stroller with his shade pulled. The kids would rush me to take control of blowing the bubbles, a shoving match would ensue, and the bubble formula would end up spilled all over the ground. The baby would be fussy. Not a butterfly in sight, but a few flies annoying buzz around our heads. A bird poops on my freshly washed hair.

Am I right or am I right, Mamas? Okay, maybe I exaggerated the “reality” a bit, but just a bit. In real life, what happened was that Monkey was going nuts so Mommy took him ahead to school while I nursed the baby and pumped some milk from my overly full breasts. The baby and I then went to school where bubbles had already happened. I don’t know about you, but I have these imaginary scenes all the time that in reality play very VERY differently most of the time. Such is life with young kids and once it’s over, it’s kind of comical.

Now for a bit of status:

  • Potty training: Is going really well! Monkey has been out of diapers completely for over a week and has had very few daytime accidents (none in the last 3 days). Overnights are tougher, and we’re starting to wonder if we need to use diapers for nighttime as he pees the bed pretty much every night (sometimes twice). He has managed to stay dry 2 nights. Any advice? I do worry that introducing diapers at all is a bad idea as he is a stubborn boy. If he knows they are here, there is a good chance he’ll revert.
  • Aggressive behavior: Continues. Monkey loves his baby brother and oftentimes is very gentle and sweet with him. That said, he also can’t stand when the baby cries. We have to race to get to him before Monkey does or M will hit him. Hard. I’ve been trying to be empathetic (“It’s hard to have to share with baby, isn’t it?” “Baby cries can be really annoying, right? But when it happens, just go into another room. If you have to hit, hit your Superman punching bag.”), but it’s not really working. I’m hoping that school will help as it will be a place all his own where he can really get his yah-yahs out.
  • Soccer: Has fallen apart. He loses interest quickly and just wants to go play on the nearby playground. Today we left before the session was over as he told us he’d rather go home than keep playing. Sigh. Time will tell if it’s a maturity issue or a matter of finding That Thing he loves to do.
  • Baby: Continues to be a model infant. Sleeping great, very little fussing, tons of smiles and coos and sweetness. Love that boy!
  • Work: Begins again on August 19. I’ll be working from home, so not a big deal. We have someone coming once a week for half a day to watch the baby while Mommy works at Monkey’s co-op and Mama works in the next room. This means…
  • Date nights: CAN START HAPPENING!!!!! We plan to see how we like the sitter (recommended by a co-op family who loves her) and if it’s a fit, we’ll start booking her once a month to get out the house! WOOHOO! SO excited at this possibility!!!!


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potty training

You guys! I had to do a quick update to say that Monkey has been in only undies since he woke up yesterday and he has had NO accidents! We felt like he might finally be ready and it seems he is. We had him “throw away” all of his diapers yesterday morning and there’s been no looking back. He’s even used the potty at the mall and at a public park. He also did his first #2 in the potty last night. We are thrilled to be down to diapering only one child. So so proud of my little guy.

Now if he’d only stop hitting his baby brother, we’d really be all set :/


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potty training hell

Yes, friends, my 3-year-old son is nowhere near potty trained. Today we put him in undies, prepared to do the three day stay at home bootcamp method (for the third time in the last 6 months). He has peed on the floor three times today. And in the potty? Zero. He definitely understands that he should put it in the potty, will talk about it, will sit on the potty, but will not pee in the potty. He has peed in the potty exactly one time in his entire three years. It is SO frustrating. We are pretty much at our wits end. Do we continue the misery for the weekend? Do we cut it short and keep working with him slowly? Will this child still be peeing and pooping in his undies when he is 12???? I swear we’ve tried everything and we’ve never gotten on him for accidents. It just feels like it’s never going to happen. He’s also learned to hold it for hours as he has to be in undies at school. So he holds it and waits to pee until he gets home and changed into a diaper. Yes, we’ve tried having him sit on the potty when he comes home from preschool. He either cries and refuses, or sits and doesn’t pee, then goes in the diaper. I’ve tried offering M&Ms or chocolate chips as rewards. N-O-T-H-I-N-G W-O-R-K-S! It sucks!

So, what worked for your kids? What didn’t work? Any of you have late trainers like my guy? What finally happened? OMGCantTakeItAnymore!


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I can’t tell you how much stress there is in my household right now. We are in the midst of the following:

  • Buying a house (still waiting to hear on THE ONE)
  • Figuring out how to be landlords/rent out our condo, making small repairs that are needed before it can be rented
  • Potty training (NOT going well AT ALL – we have one stubborn, angry dude on our hands)
  • Pregnancy (“morning” sickness, “Are we having twins?” stress, insomnia)
  • Sick grandparent (MiL called today saying Grandpa is going to the ER with breathing difficulties. He’s 94.)

It is officially TOO much. The bad part is we really need to be doing all of this right now. Believe me, I’d hold off on buying a house/renting the condo if i possibly could, but the prices are trending higher and who knows how long the low interest rates will hold out. I’d love to stop with the potty training, but that would be two failed attempts and I’ve heard the more of those you have, the more difficult you will make it for yourself and your child the next time. Obviously there’s nothing that can be done about the pregnancy or sick Grandpa. Out of our control, those two.


Ultrasound on Wednesday.


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6 weeks, 2 days

Yep, feeling pretty pregnant these days what with the nausea, major appetite (combined with “ew, I can’t eat another bite of this nasty thing that I wanted so badly a minute ago”), peeing like crazy, insomnia, major crankiness, fatigue, and tears at the drop of a hat. Good times! No, it’s really not that bad. I have all of these symptoms, but they are at the low end of the ick spectrum for the moment. Who knows if that will be the case 2-3 weeks from now…

I went ahead and rescheduled the ultrasound for 9/19. There were many factors at play for the 17th not working, so I’ll just hang in there for an extra 2 days. Not the end of the world.

In Monkey news, we are going to get him scheduled for a speech therapy assessment. He just seems behind the kids at preschool in that area. It can’t hurt and if he is struggling, I want to make sure we do what we can to assist. Most likely it’ll be 2-3 months before he’ll be seen (I love LA!).

We’re also going to try another potty training method starting this Friday. It’s called “Oh crap. Potty training.” Hahaha! Wish us luck! Monkey has been talking more and more about the potty and he LOVES the latest book we have on the topic (My Big Boy Undies), so we’re hopeful. It is adorable to read the undies book with him. There is a page that shows lots of pairs of undies and he goes through each one, “Cars undies. Dinosaurs undies. Red undies.” CUTE!


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updatey post

I feel like I have so many updates that it is overwhelming and then don’t post at all! So here are some brief status blurbs.

TTC #2

I heard from the embryologist that the 2 blasts didn’t make it to freeze, so we are most definitely looking at our last TTC attempt. I am feeling very zen about everything and just happy to be finally reaching the end of my TTC days, whether we end up with a new baby or not. I hate living in limbo like we have for the last year and a half. Now it will be over one way or the other. I’m relaxing and taking it easy and trying to feel any little cramps or tugs or pulls even though I’m sure it’s too early 🙂


We have put in offers on two houses, but feel like it is unlikely that we’ll end up getting either one. The market is insane. There are very few homes for sale and even fewer good ones. Those good ones get multiple offers above listing price so you just have to kind of luck out and get one. When we put in the offer on the first house, there was only one submitted so we were feeling good. Then our realtor told us there were 12 offers now and we’re pretty sure we aren’t getting it. Bummer. On the plus side, Monkey LOVES looking at houses. It is so cute! We are lucky he likes it because we don’t have anyone we can call on the spur of the moment to watch him so we can rush over to see a place that has just come on the market. Did I mention this market is crazy-making? Sigh.


Monkey started preschool on Wednesday after some last-minute panic on our part because he is still not potty-trained. We were going to just pull him until next year, but we talked to the teacher and she was reassuring and said he will not be the only one having potty issues. We just put him in underwear and let the chips fall where they may. We’ve taken a more laid-back approach and while we haven’t seen concrete results yet, we are seeing Monkey sitting on the potty willingly. That is a big improvement over where we were, so we’ll take it slow and easy. One thing that is working to keep him sitting on the potty happily is playing with his light-up turtle with the light off and door closed. It is pretty cool! We’re just visiting the potty regularly to “play with turtle” on the potty and hope he will at some point pee on there so we can praise him and let him flush it down and make a big deal. It’s a start.

Back to preschool – he is loving it. It is all outdoor so he comes home filthy dirty, but hey, that’s part of being a kid, right? The fact that it’s a co-op is also nice as the other parents are sympathetic to you issues (like say, potty-training) so you feel supported and like you have all of these resources for information. So far, Mommy (DW) hasn’t left Monkey there on his own, but on Monday she is going to go for it. Neither of us think it’ll be a problem in terms of any separation anxiety. We just feel bad that some poor sucker will have to change his peed on clothes at some point. Like I told DW, I’m sure she’ll be returning the favor on her workdays 🙂

I’ll do a protected post soon with preschool pics, so let me know if you need the password.

Six days to beta!


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fet status

I had an ultrasound with my RE today and all looked great. It still cracks me up to hear all of these compliments about my uterus and ovaries. HAHAHA! Lining was good and we’re on track for our transfer next Thursday at 4PM. He asked how many embryos we’re planning to transfer and when I told him two, he said he was glad. Knowing him, he’d like to do 3-4 so that single embryo last time must have been killing him.

In terms of meds, I’m still doing my Vivelle patches every three days and we start PIO shots tonight (yay). I start my Medrol dose pack tomorrow. It is hard to believe that we might be pregnant before the end of the month.

In house hunting news, nothing really new. There is not much inventory out there as nobody seems to want to list their house in this economy. So we see ho-hum properties that have bids and are like, “What?” I think it is going to take some time to find something. I’ve seen two houses that I really loved but one needed a TON of work and was at the top of our price range. The other was super adorable, great location, all redone but tiny and overpriced. Like we would already be out of room if we moved in. It was so cute, though! Got to get it out of my head and move on to the next.

Sleep is back to normal, thank the Gods. Monkey starts pre-school next week (!!!!) and we are still working on potty training. They said he can come, but they expect him to be in underwear and if he has accidents, oh well. Not too stressful… Still, he’ll love school we are sure so we’re going for it. Wish us potty luck!


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