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happy birthday, baby!

Today is the Marshmallow’s first birthday. This year has simply flown by! The MM has been a model infant – sleeping great, sweet and sunny disposition, hitting all milestones right on time. I couldn’t have asked for an easier, more mellow little guy. And now we head into toddlerhood! Sniff.

Happy birthday, my sweet baby F! I love you more than words can say. You completed our family in the very best of ways ❤

Here is a rare unprotected photo post of baby’s first year because BIRTHDAY!



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what we’re up to

We are exactly 1 week away from the Marshmallow’s first birthday. I can’t believe it – it has gone SO quickly. That wasn’t really the case with Monkey, so it’s a surprise this time around. We were going to have a party for the MM’s birthday at Grandma’s house next weekend, but most of the people we invited couldn’t make it. It was a family-only party and half the family has a time-share that weekend that we were unaware of. Sigh. We are still going to set up a little party for him at Grandma’s Sunday but it’ll just be us, Grandma, and DW’s aunt and cousin. Maybe we’ll see if some friends want to come to our place on his actual birthday to sing and have cake and ice cream. I feel bad as we did a big shindig for Monkey’s first, but things are just different now. We are busier with two kids, a lot of our friend couples have broken up and things are awkward now, and the MM doesn’t have little friends his age like Monkey did. DW is going to start getting out there and making new mommy friends with babies – poor second child syndrome. I reminded her that Monkey was in Gym.boree classes and being taken to events daily when he was like 6 months old. (Yes, we plan on getting the MM into Gym.boree soon.)

See? We really did have a party planned 😦


The MM is doing a lot of finger walking and standing on his own lately, so I imagine he’ll be walking pretty soon. He has 2 teeth coming in, and they are causing obvious discomfort. I think I may invest in an amber teething necklace to see if it helps. Poor boo is so cranky and miserable and that is not my sweet, mellow man’s general mood. Baby is in 12-18 month shirts/onesies and 6-12 month bottoms – his brother was the same. Big and broad up top, small below. The MM loves all toys and loves to play. Lately he’s really into balls. He will throw them, lay across them on his belly, roll them, etc. His sleep is still pretty good, though nursing at night is still a challenge. I’m trying to muster the strength to night-wean as I said I would at 12 months, but my resolve is not very strong. He is my last baby and even though I’m tired, I so enjoy those precious nighttime cuddles. He is still not doing much eating, either. He’ll do pureed baby food, but actual solids? Not so much. He chokes and spits it out. We keep trying so here’s hoping he catches on soon!

I need to figure out this nursing thing because I’ve been doing a lot of work travel lately. A couple of weeks ago, we went to San Diego for a conference. Last week we were in Northern California as I had a presentation to do at an internal summit. Luckily it was also Monkey’s Spring Break, so he didn’t miss any school and we would have had to find stuff to do anyway. I’m going solo for a nearby trip in mid-May (fly in and out the same day). On our trip home, we flew in, picked up our bags, dragged everything/one to the car, strapped the kids into their carseats, turned the key in the ignition and… DEAD CAR! UGH! I called AAA and they were running behind and said they’d be there in an hour and a half (!!!). I was like, “Seriously??? I have 2 small kids here!” Fortunately, they put a rush on our ticket and someone was there within 15 minutes. They gave us a jump and we went home. We had tickets to see Neko Case that night (purchased prior to knowing about this work trip) and we had to miss it as the car wouldn’t start. Bummer and a relief as I was really wanting to just chill out in my jammies. We got a new battery put in on Friday and all is right in car land again.

View from our hotel room in San Diego (pretty sweet, eh?):


We had a nice and busy Easter weekend. Saturday we went to a friend’s birthday party at a local park (a fireman theme and they had an actual firetruck show up!) and then went to another friend’s place for an afternoon play date where we had an egg hunt. On Sunday we did the whole Easter basket thing, dyed eggs (whoops – was pretty late this year), and then went to Grandma’s and had an egg hunt and more little baskets.

Fire truck at birthday party:


Easter baskets!


I’ll be doing an Easter picture post, so let me know if you need the password.



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party planning

This has been the week from hell. Truly. Last Sunday, my MiL fell at her house and broke her arm. Her “friend” who was living with her rent-free for 7 months bailed and it got ugly. DW had to referee and help this “friend” pack her crap to get her out of there quickly. Both boys and I have been sick forever. We were supposed to go to Disney.land Thursday and Friday, but that didn’t happen. Instead, I was home alone and sick with two sick boys all day (with no car) while DW was helping her mom. They do not get along well, so that was not at all pleasant for DW. Today we were supposed to go hang with a friend and her son and have beers, but I’m feeling worse today and the MM had a rough night so only DW and Monkey went. See? Told you it was a week of suck.

In all of this, however, I’ve come up with the perfect theme for baby MM’s first birthday (4/29/14) – we’re having a vintage toy party! (Amanda, I blame you for this WAY AHEAD planning 🙂 I was not even thinking about baby’s first birthday until you posted that you had started planning Boo’s!)

Long-time readers may know that we are all about vintage themes. First, there was our vintage cowboy themed baby shower:


Then Monkey’s Winter ONEderland party, which had a vintage feel:


And last year, we had a vintage cowboy/train party for Monkey’s third birthday:


Now I’m pinning like a mad woman and having so much fun! This theme is perfect for us as we already have tons of vintage style toys and stuffed animals. Below is just a fraction of what we have (why yes, I was extremely bored being cooped up for so many days and gathered toys and took pictures of some ideas for the party):



We also have the Fisher.Price piano and phone and lots of tin toys (robots, planes, etc.).


Also have a sock monkey and an adorable little goose stuffy that would work well.

We also have:

  • Old school building sets (tinker.toys, baby blocks, and Lincoln.Logs): Thinking of spelling out the MM’s name with the baby blocks and using tinker.toys to hold cards that have the different food items on them with some vintage clip art.
  • Wooden train set: This could be cute for centerpiece(s). Milk bottle with sunflowers and circular train track around the base.
  • Little.Golden.Books (thinking of buying these as party favors, too): Check out the Little.Golden.Books party stuff!
  • Wooden puzzles: Have ABCs, 123s, animals
  • Grocery cart with wooden pots, pans, and food

The possibilities are ENDLESS!

Decor can also double as entertainment (kids can play with the toys)! We are planning on having this at our local park and we’ll bring Monkey’s Radio.Flyer wagon (add cute bunting and wagon balloon and put gifts in it!), tricycle, and scooter for cuteness and play, too. I’m having way too much fun fantasizing about this party. It won’t be nearly as elaborate as what I have in my head, but it won’t take much effort or money to make it super cute and fun. I need to find someone who has a wooden highchair I can borrow to really put the finishing touch on it…

The only thing I’m trying to think of is if we do this as a morning party, what vintagey type food could we serve? I had initially thought Cracker.Jacks, animal crackers, that sort of thing, but is that nuts if we had a party at like 9 or 10AM? Thoughts?


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monkey’s 4th birthday

My Monkey turned 4 on December 21! We went out to his favorite breakfast spot in the morning, then went to the Petersen Car Museum on the morning of his birthday (fabulous place, btw) and had pictures with Santa in an awesome classic car! Then we picked out birthday balloons (Monkey’s choice? Angry.Birds) and Grandma came over. Gifts were opened, pizza was ordered, and chocolate cake was had. All in all a lovely family day. We decided that instead of a party this year, we will go to Disney.land and California.Adventure for a couple of days in January. Fun!

Monkey had his 4 year checkup on 12/23, where he received 3 shots. This was the first time he was big enough to understand shots and he did ridiculously well. No crying, he watched as they gave him the shots, and when he got home he told me, “Mama, I got 3 tiny boo-boos!” Such a big boy (we were worried since he flips his lid at the dentist – maybe that will be different next time, too?). He now weighs 39 lbs (up 5 lbs from last year) and is 41.5″ tall (up 3.25″ from last year). He also had his first eye test, which he passed, and a hearing test (also passed). Go, Monkey!

Here’s a rundown of Monkey’s status in different areas:

  • Food: The child lives on oatmeal, applesauce, PB&J, bananas (most fruit, really), quesadillas, and cheese pizza. Won’t do veggies (though we’ve recently introduced Green.Machine juice, which he loves).  P.I.C.K.Y. I hope that changes in the near future. We keep trying to get him to at least try stuff, but he just refuses. Sigh.
  • School: Monkey’s school is all play-based, so they don’t sit them down and “teach” anything. It’s more like learning through activities and play. They’ll put out sensory bins, play-doh, puzzles, etc and offer yard play as well. Monkey’s favorite is running on the yard. There is also a different activity each day like music, science, etc. Generally, Monkey is not that interested in the activities and prefers to run and climb in the yard. He knows his letters and his numbers through 20 (he can go higher, but usually stops at 20). We are going to start working on writing letters at home as he is showing an interest in writing his “letters” (his name). We have to figure out what we’re doing with him next year as he won’t be able to start Kindergarten for another year. We’re thinking something more structured might be good so we’ll see.
  • Activities: Monkey has been enrolled in soccer and karate. He kind of ran out of steam on soccer so we’re taking a break from that one. He loves karate, but doesn’t really listen all that well. They tested him for his “yellow stripe” belt (not a real belt, just for the littles) and they passed him even though they totally shouldn’t have. We decided we aren’t going to let them do that again. It was good for him to see the process and have a goal, but passing for the sake of it isn’t something we want to encourage. He’s shown an interest in baseball lately, so we’ll be signing him up for t-ball and see what happens 🙂
  • Sibling: Monkey loves his little brother like crazy, but has been having some issues with jealousy and acting out. Half the time he’s saying how Baby is his best friend and the other half he’s knocking him over. Sigh. Brothers, right?

Happy birthday, my beautiful Monkey! I can’t wait to see what the next year brings ❤


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he’s here!

Introducing Ford L-M! Born 4/29/13 at 8:06AM. 9 lbs, 21.5″. In NICU due to fluid in lungs, but will be with me tomorrow. Argh!



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38w4d: almost there

I had my last OB appointment yesterday. DW and Monkey came with me as DW has only met my OB at our first appointment and Monkey has never met her, so we thought it might be nice since the birth is coming right up (scheduled c-section for Monday, April 29). Interestingly, at my last two appointments, my OB has seemed to be telling me that we don’t really have to wait for the 29th, and seemed to be implying she’d rather go ahead and deliver him over the weekend. DW confirmed this after yesterday’s appointment (she got the exact same impression). So we are considering heading in on Sunday instead of Monday. Reasons?

  • We have to be at the hospital on Monday at 5:30AM for a 7:30AM birth. Ugh!
  • I am supremely uncomfortable and just ready to go. I’d never go early simply for my own discomfort, but one day early? When we know this baby is full-term? Seems kinda like a no-brainer to me.

OB said that we originally just had to pick a date sometime after 39 weeks and it seems like you can’t scheduled for a weekend, so here we are. It feels kind of weird to go in and make up some excuse like “decreased fetal movement” or contractions or whatever, but this is what the OB seemed to want and it would definitely be better for us. She even made the comment that she loves delivering over the weekend (probably because it doesn’t mess with her office hours). If we decide to go for it, we figure we’ll arrive at the hospital around 9AM Sunday (isn’t that so much better than 5:30AM???). What do you guys think? Have any of you experienced this?

I am typically a Type A, scheduled, rule-following type of person so in that respect it feels strange. But man would it be nice to do it on a time frame that is nicer for us. My mom gets in on Friday, so anytime after that is fine where Monkey’s care is concerned. Today we lined up a tentative Sunday AM playdate for Monkey with a school friend (we’re close with the family and told them our possible plan) so that we have somewhere to drop him if we decided to go for it.



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happy birthday, monkey!

Today my baby boy is 3 years old. I say it every year, but it’s hard to believe that tiny little guy we brought home from the hospital is now this big, talking, running, stubborn, cuddly big boy. Unfortunately, he is sick on his b-day this year. He’s been sick for a little over a week but last night he seemed to get much worse so he’s heading in to see the doctor at 4:30. Poor thing. We are still going to have his Grandma over to open gifts, order pizza (Monkey’s fave!), and eat cake and ice cream. We were going to hold off until he’s feeling better, but he’s had such a miserable week I thought it might cheer him up to get some new stuff to play with and of course eat cake!

Happy happy birthday, my sweet baby S! I love you more than words can say ❤bbmonkey


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granny and papa visit

Sorry for being so MIA lately. My parents were in town from last Thursday through this morning. We had a lot of fun, but I’m ready to have my house back. We (finally) had Monkey’s 2nd birthday party last Saturday at a bounce house place. It was a ton of fun! The kids all had a blast (the adults did, too).


We hit all of Monkey’s hotspots, including two local malls, our park, and Gymboree. We also took them to the Getty for the first time.

ImageIt is always a little sad to drop them off at the end of the visit. We’ll see them again in July for the annual beach trip 🙂

ION, we toured our local co-op nursery school yesterday and put Monkey on the list for next Fall. Craziness! It is walking distance from our house and very affordable. Another two mom family we know has their oldest enrolled and will be starting their youngest in the fall. He is 10 days younger than Monkey and they have weekly playdates, so it will be nice to have a friend on the first day 🙂 I can’t believe we are already to pre-school!

Monkey is talking up a storm lately. This morning when we left the house, he said, “Bye bye! See you soon!” Hahahahaha! Every day he has new words and better pronunciation than the day before. He loves to count and can get to 13 now (“thu-thu-thu-teen!”). He can also identify and say many letters. It’s happening fast and furious these days. He’s also done a bit of backsliding on sleep lately – maybe there’s a connection there. We’ve been up between 4-4:30 for a few weeks now after reaching 5:30-6 for quite a while. Let’s hope we’re back there again soon! Mama is so tired!


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