>My right butt cheek is killing me today. It’s weird considering it was the left cheek that suffered through 2 injections on Sunday night. I sometimes wonder if those muscles will ever heal. When we stopped the PIO after the m/c, my butt never felt “back to normal” and it had 3-4 weeks of no shots!

On the topic of “ouch,” thought I’d also share that we call my stomach the Frankenbubba. It has a large myomectomy scar, two smaller lapo scars, and a bellybutton lapo scar. It also had 2 bruises post-lapo that are now gone, but they were there when Frankenbubba was introduced. I’d take a picture, but the myomectomy scar is so low, it would be slightly obscene.

I guess one positive I can take from all this is that I’m no longer afraid of needles or surgery. I’ve been through so much of both over the last few months that the thought tires me, but it doesn’t scare me. I can also not say that I’m a big baby, which I thought I was pre-TTC. Maybe this was all to toughen me up for motherhood. Yeah, that’s it…



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  1. >Weird isn’t it? During IVF #1 I would cry before the PIO injections. By IVF #3, I would continue cooking dinner as J gave me my shots. πŸ™‚ I like the idea that we are all toughening up for motherhood and I am glad that you are now coolmwith all you have to go through. Much luck for your FET.

  2. >you big tough mama, you!Your tummy sounds like a road map of the ttc journey!soon it’s going to be a road map of the preggo journey and it’ll be stretching in all directions!good luck – can’t wait to hear how the next step goes!:)

  3. >You ARE a tough cookie! πŸ™‚

  4. >Every time it hurts I just tell myself: “This is nothing. Just wait until labor!” Yep, IVF is a great way to toughen yourself up. Of course maybe someday I’ll actually get a baby out of it and then I’ll realize I wasn’t tough at all.

  5. >what a great attitude you have! πŸ™‚ im wondering if my butt will ever heal from the PIO injections too…

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