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brother differences

Lately I’ve been thinking about how different my boys are from each other. I thought it would be fun to do a post of those differences as I may want to look back on them as they get older (sob).


Monkey slept in a co-sleeper for the most part from the time he came home from the hospital until around 3 months old. At that point, he would start the night in the co-sleeper and at some point end up in bed with us 🙂 When we brought the MM home, I tried over and over and over for the first 2 nights to get him into the co-sleeper. He would last maybe 5 minutes and then wail. My mom, DW and I took turns over that two night period being up with him. I was so exhausted, that on night 3, I clipped the old Snu.za breathing monitor onto his diaper, ensured that pillows and blankets were safely away, and climbed into bed with him. He slept soundly for 4 hours, nursed, and slept another 4 hours. And from then on, he’s been in the bed with Mama.

Monkey loved being swaddled. We swore by the Swaddle.Me as the velcro kept him snug and secure and he had a hard time getting himself unswaddled (as when that occurred, he was up). The MM HATED being swaddled with a passion. I’d heard that some babies resist but that they really do want it, so I tried repeatedly with various wraps and blankets and was always met with resistance and struggle. He slept just fine without being swaddled. He would turn onto his side facing me, nurse, and go right to sleep. That side-sleeping was scary to me at first, but it was what he wanted (and we had the trusty Snu.za) so I was just extra watchful.

When Monkey was too big for the swaddle, we switched to sleep sacks. He was nice and cozy in his sleep sacks and seemed to sleep well in them. The MM? Hates them. Doesn’t want anything constricting his movement at all. When he gets the sheet put over his legs in bed, he immediately kicks it off. All those adorable, cozy sleep sacks sit unused, waiting to be given/sold to a baby who wants them.

Monkey’s sleep issues are well-documented on this blog. He loved getting up in the middle of the night for an hour (or three) and has always been up EARLY. He is almost 5 and the early rising trend continues. The MM has never in his 18 months awakened for any length of time in the middle of the night. He has consistently slept until 6-7AM. Mama and Mommy are so thankful as I’m not sure what we’d do if both of them were sleep maniacs.


Both boys were exclusively breastfed for the first 6 months of their lives. Monkey’s first food was rice cereal with breastmilk and he loved it. He took to eating like a pro and loved pretty much everything we put in front of him. The MM’s first food was also rice cereal with breastmilk and he HATED it. In fact, he had very little interest in solids until close to a year. He would try things, but never really had a meal or anything until around 1. Monkey loves breakfast and has oatmeal and applesauce pretty much every day. The MM is not really interested in much food at breakfast time. He eats lunch and dinner much more readily.

It took Monkey quite a while to figure out sippy cups, but the MM had it down quickly. He can drink out of a regular cup, too (though he spills a bit).


Monkey has never been much of an independent player. He wants someone to play with him, help him build, etc. The MM can keep himself occupied for long periods of time. He loves his toys and will go in search of specific items to play with.


Monkey has never really cared about what he wears. We pull out clothes and he wears them. The end. The MM is only 18 months old but he has Opinions on what he wears already. His favorite shirts are Paul.Frank shirts featuring Julius the monkey (we have several from when Monkey was little) and an Elmo shirt. He will open his drawer and rifle through until he finds one of these shirts, pull it out, and push it towards us. He cries if you try to put another shirt on him. Often it’s not an issue, but some days it simply MUST BE A MONKEY SHIRT! Hahahaha.


We “discovered” a new show that we got hooked on with each boy. With Monkey, it was Keeping Up with the Kardashians. I know, I know – what can I say? At 2AM, it was all I could find that was halfway watchable, E! ran them back to back overnight, and I found those girls entertaining in their warped ways. We stopped watching a couple of years back, but we were on-board for a while there.  With the MM, the only thing that was on in the middle of the night was 48 Hours. My mom, DW and I all watched it overnight (OWN ran them back to back all night long) and would even update each other on the outcomes in the morning (LOL). We still DVR 48 Hours and even added Dateline to the mix. There is some seriously crazy sh*t going on out there, people.



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the terrible twos/the throw-stuff threes

This is kind of a vent post, a “please tell me others are experiencing this as well” post, and a HELP! post all rolled into one. Monkey has been sick for the last few days (nothing serious – just runny nose, slight fever) and his sleep? Has just fallen apart over the last couple of weeks. It is HELL to get him to go to bed at night lately and he is not getting enough overnight sleep (typically 8-9.5 hours). So he is way overtired and is acting out like crazy. I know part of it is normal for his age, but I think a big part of it is that he is just plain tired. He hits us, throws things at us, yells at us and is just a little terror in general for the better part of most days lately. It hurts physically and it hurts my feelings. Since I’m pregnant, I have a hard time keeping my emotions in check during these altercations and I either cry or am kind of mean back to him. I don’t want to do either of these things. I want to be the calm, rational parent who is in control of the situation. I’m so not (and DW isn’t really either, though she does better than I do these days).

We are on the AP side of the the parenting fence for the most part, so we haven’t done time outs and the like. Honestly, Monkey is such an intense kid I don’t think time outs would work with him. When he is in the midst of one of these episodes, he’s manic and upset and nothing you can say gets through – it would just be an epic battle. I find that what seems to work best is the old distraction game. Like last night, I was trying to get him to lay down and go to sleep. He was refusing, hitting me, getting all crazy. So I looked around the room in desperation and noticed the blinds making a stripey pattern on the ceiling. I pointed it out, “Look! Let’s lay down and look at the stripes.” Totally worked! We laid down together and looked and talked about the stripes and I even got hugs and kisses from the boy who two seconds earlier was beating me about the head. Of course, it didn’t work longer term – it took over an hour to get him to sleep with Mama and Mommy taking turns when it got too ridiculous. But I did learn a new strategy that I hope will work in the future. At least it seemed to help defuse the situation and calm us both down a bit.

So? Are you experiencing this type of behavior as well? If so, how do you handle it?


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beta 2

309 🙂 I go on 9/14 for an ultrasound.


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results are in…

And I am pregnant! Beta is 51, which is low, but we’re only 7dp5dt. I go back Monday for beta #2.


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I’m probably jinxing myself, but I am going to be really surprised if I’m not pregnant 🙂 I just *feel* like I’m PG – heaviness, bloating, lots of peeing, crankiness, a touch of insomnia, slight cramping.

1 day to beta…


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4dp5dt – my probably imaginary “symptoms”

We have reached that point in the game during which I think I feel stuff happening. Here are my “symptoms”:

  • Mild cramping/heavy feeling in my lower belly yesterday and today
  • Crazy moody for a couple of days
  • Headachey
  • Peeing more than usual

Probably nothing, but possibly something… We’ll find out on Thursday!

Another blogger is trying to help out a high school in need by rallying the troops to vote for it in the Target gift certificate dealie that’s going on now. I think it’s a great idea! Click here to vote and feel free to pass it on 🙂

3 days to beta.


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updatey post

I feel like I have so many updates that it is overwhelming and then don’t post at all! So here are some brief status blurbs.

TTC #2

I heard from the embryologist that the 2 blasts didn’t make it to freeze, so we are most definitely looking at our last TTC attempt. I am feeling very zen about everything and just happy to be finally reaching the end of my TTC days, whether we end up with a new baby or not. I hate living in limbo like we have for the last year and a half. Now it will be over one way or the other. I’m relaxing and taking it easy and trying to feel any little cramps or tugs or pulls even though I’m sure it’s too early 🙂


We have put in offers on two houses, but feel like it is unlikely that we’ll end up getting either one. The market is insane. There are very few homes for sale and even fewer good ones. Those good ones get multiple offers above listing price so you just have to kind of luck out and get one. When we put in the offer on the first house, there was only one submitted so we were feeling good. Then our realtor told us there were 12 offers now and we’re pretty sure we aren’t getting it. Bummer. On the plus side, Monkey LOVES looking at houses. It is so cute! We are lucky he likes it because we don’t have anyone we can call on the spur of the moment to watch him so we can rush over to see a place that has just come on the market. Did I mention this market is crazy-making? Sigh.


Monkey started preschool on Wednesday after some last-minute panic on our part because he is still not potty-trained. We were going to just pull him until next year, but we talked to the teacher and she was reassuring and said he will not be the only one having potty issues. We just put him in underwear and let the chips fall where they may. We’ve taken a more laid-back approach and while we haven’t seen concrete results yet, we are seeing Monkey sitting on the potty willingly. That is a big improvement over where we were, so we’ll take it slow and easy. One thing that is working to keep him sitting on the potty happily is playing with his light-up turtle with the light off and door closed. It is pretty cool! We’re just visiting the potty regularly to “play with turtle” on the potty and hope he will at some point pee on there so we can praise him and let him flush it down and make a big deal. It’s a start.

Back to preschool – he is loving it. It is all outdoor so he comes home filthy dirty, but hey, that’s part of being a kid, right? The fact that it’s a co-op is also nice as the other parents are sympathetic to you issues (like say, potty-training) so you feel supported and like you have all of these resources for information. So far, Mommy (DW) hasn’t left Monkey there on his own, but on Monday she is going to go for it. Neither of us think it’ll be a problem in terms of any separation anxiety. We just feel bad that some poor sucker will have to change his peed on clothes at some point. Like I told DW, I’m sure she’ll be returning the favor on her workdays 🙂

I’ll do a protected post soon with preschool pics, so let me know if you need the password.

Six days to beta!


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fet #3

We transferred these two “perfect” embryos today at 4:30PM!

The embryologist was enthusiastic about how great they were, which was nice since she thought the last batch were “good, but not excellent.” She was also excited about the two we didn’t transfer, saying she was going to give them another day to hatch and then refreeze them. She labeled all 4 as excellent, so we’re feeling pretty good about this try. We are also going to stay home and take it very easy for the next couple of days to give ourselves the best possible chance at success. Beta #1 is next Thursday. It all happens so fast, it’s kind of crazy!


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