eating and sleeping (is there anything else?)

S had his 6 month check up on Friday. He is now 19 lbs, 27 1/4″. Big boy 🙂 His Mamas joined in the vaccination fun! We had to get tetanus shots due to the Whooping Cough epidemic in California. Who knew?

Solids report: He has had rice cereal (loves it), banana (hated it), avocado (was unsure), and applesauce (again, unsure). The applesauce may have been a temperature issue (was in fridge), so we’re going to try again at room temp and see what he thinks. I also made my first round of baby food last night! Peaches and sweet potato. It was really easy (and tasty, too)! I’m thinking we’ll try the sweet potato next – I can’t imagine that he won’t like that! It’s sufficiently bland with enough sweetness that it should do the trick. I also picked up some oatmeal since he really likes his other cereal.

He cracks me up when trying new food. He kicks his feet like crazy while eating his cereal and is just anxious for the next bite. When you give him something new, however, the feet kicking stops and he gets a grimace on his face. Sometimes he sticks his tongue out with the offending bite on it. Other times he kind of fake gags. It’s funny as hell. Lord, don’t let me end up with a picky eater! I was never a picky eater as a child, but my brother was ridiculous. Kid didn’t even like pizza! Hopefully it’s too early to call that one.

I think I’m going to need to add a nightly pumping session. ICK! I have been producing enough at work to get two 5 oz. bottles but now that we are doing solids, I need more on hand to mix with cereal, etc. I HATE pumping, but it must be done. We (finally) bought a bottle warmer last week and it seems to have really helped baby take the bottle more easily. I feel like an idiot for not having done it sooner! He now holds the bottle mostly on his own and takes most, if not all, of it. Let’s hope this is a continuing trend.

I feel like most of my entries lately have been so negative due to the sleep thing, but hopefully that is about to change. We are going to start doing the Sleep Lady technique of sleep training on Wednesday or Thursday night. It seems like a humane way of sleep training (not leaving him to CIO). If he were able to sleep nicely in bed with us, I’d be happy to co-sleep, but he tosses and turns and wants to nurse all night, leaving both of us tired in the AM. Anyway, I really hope he responds well to the gentle method. We are going to bite the bullet and make the office into S’s room (slowly at first, but eventually it will be all his). Moving his crib at some point this week. While I’m ready for us to start sleeping again, it is also sad to think of him out of our room and even in some ways, out of our bed. The nights always start off so nice, with baby snuggled up next to me sleeping like a little angel. I will miss that.


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3 responses to “eating and sleeping (is there anything else?)

  1. >Happy 6 months! The food adventures are a blast…the faces they make are hysterical. Sounds like you have a good eater on your hands!Have you considered maybe using a little water for mixing his cereal? Owen didn't notice any difference when we stopped using breastmilk. Just an idea.I wish you the BEST with the sleep changes…I'm rooting for you!

  2. >Sounds like such a cutie! I make my daughter's food too – she LOVES sweet potatoes.

  3. >Hi I just started following your blog. I love reading blogs of other mommies of babies around my little one's age! (DOB 12/6/09) We also have a blog as well.Sleep has been an issue with Liam for a while. Some weeks he will sleep through the night, others he will wake up for no apparent reason. it's been a struggle, but that's how babies are!We have tried the Ferber method…it worked for a little bit, then he started waking again and we had to start it all over. So that was a FAIL.Now we just let him fuss and see if he will put himself back to sleep. Most of the times it escalates into crying and one of us has to go in there and pat him back to sleep or give him his pacifier and he's back out.If you are transitioning him into his own room, I would recommend a video monitor. Good luck! I hope the sleep struggle gets better soon!

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