manual pump?

I’m considering purchasing a Medela manual pump to quickly and easily express the small amounts of milk I need for solids. Anyone else done this? Have the Medela manual pump and love/hate it?

Also on the solids front, S enjoyed his sweet potato and has also been happily chomping on a frozen peach slice in a feeder bag this morning. Yay!


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2 responses to “manual pump?

  1. >When I mix breastmilk into my solids, I just use my hands to manually express some milk in the bowl. It's really easy, efficient, and inexpensive! I believe it is officially called the Marmet Technique – you can learn how to do it in 3 minutes. 🙂

  2. Jen

    >Sorry, I have no experience… I use my Medela electric and just use some of my daily pumped milk for breakfast and dinner. Yay to solids! Chunk loves his feeder bags too and has had banana, strawberry, peach and necterane. This is such a fun stage!!!!!

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