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11 months

Today my sweet baby is 11 months old. The last month has been mostly about baby’s love of food. I guess baby food just wasn’t cutting it for S as he has really taken to table food like crazy. So far he hasn’t turned anything away – broccoli, pasta, chicken, turkey, mashed potato, bits of pizza. You name it, S likes it. We can’t wait to watch him eat his first Thanksgiving dinner – he will LOVE it all!

S has started “finger walking” (walking with assistance) recently, which is new for him. Today he got between the coffee table and the couch and walked holding on to each item. It won’t be long now! We also let him have fairly free range of the house. We are keeping him out of the kitchen for now – it has slate flooring and lots of things that could mean trouble, so it’s off limits. We’ll see how long that lasts 🙂 [SIDE NOTE: Speaking of tooling around the house, does anyone have any child proofing items they are loving?] He is loving crawling all over and making tons of noise slamming toys down on the wood floors. He loves anything with wheels, including his stroller, which he rolls around the room. Another game he likes is chasing his inflatable Gymboree ball around the house.

He is still loving reading (latest faves include The Monster at the End of this Book and Ten Apples Up On Top). We put together an Amazon wish list for his birthday (coming right up!) and it was so fun going through the toys and picking those we think he’ll love. His big birthday gift from us is going to be a ball crawl. There is one he uses at a local indoor playground and he loves it. He will be so excited!

Life with S is the best, and I say that even with his rough nights and early wake ups. Your mamas love you so much, S-Pants!


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The family went on a lovely weekend getaway to Cambria (central California coast). We pretty much have been going yearly for ten years or so, but it was our first time with S. We all had a great time! We stopped in to see our friends in Santa Barbara on our way up for lunch on Friday and baby had fun playing with our friends’ sweet little guy, who is 9 months older than S.

At lunch, S really got into the food! I ordered a pesto pasta and veggies dish (all organic) and he could not get enough of it. Seriously. It was the first time he’s shown such an interest in food. That trend continued during our trip, and we discovered that baby loves salmon! We have officially graduated to having dinner with baby and sharing our meal with him. I love it! We are in need of some new recipes as we have very few that we make now and some are not baby friendly, so if .you have them, please post!

In Cambria, we took baby to the beach, where he was much more interested in the seabirds than the ocean. We Ergoed him and strolled around the adorable little town. Everyone was besotted with baby. The place we stayed has really pretty gardens so we walked him all over and let him crawl around in the nice grassy area.

At night, he went down like a champ in the Pack N Play and then joined us in bed when he awoke after we went to sleep. The trip also seemed to have an added benefit – baby’s sleep schedule has shifted out!!!! He slept most of the ride up, so he didn’t go to bed on Friday until around 7:30PM. He was up for the day at 5:45AM! Sure as hell beats 4:00AM! We made sure he got good naps back at the hotel Saturday, and he stayed up until 7PM. Sunday he slept until 5:15AM. We have continued this trend back at home (today he slept until 5:30AM). Yay! I sure hope this continues and that we are able to keep moving him out come the end of daylight savings time…

On our way home, we stopped in Solvang, an adorable little Danish town known for its wine tasting. We are not wine fans, but we love the year-round Christmas store they have there!

A good time was had by all 🙂 We are thrilled that baby seems to love to travel and do new things!


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manual pump?

I’m considering purchasing a Medela manual pump to quickly and easily express the small amounts of milk I need for solids. Anyone else done this? Have the Medela manual pump and love/hate it?

Also on the solids front, S enjoyed his sweet potato and has also been happily chomping on a frozen peach slice in a feeder bag this morning. Yay!


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eating and sleeping (is there anything else?)

S had his 6 month check up on Friday. He is now 19 lbs, 27 1/4″. Big boy 🙂 His Mamas joined in the vaccination fun! We had to get tetanus shots due to the Whooping Cough epidemic in California. Who knew?

Solids report: He has had rice cereal (loves it), banana (hated it), avocado (was unsure), and applesauce (again, unsure). The applesauce may have been a temperature issue (was in fridge), so we’re going to try again at room temp and see what he thinks. I also made my first round of baby food last night! Peaches and sweet potato. It was really easy (and tasty, too)! I’m thinking we’ll try the sweet potato next – I can’t imagine that he won’t like that! It’s sufficiently bland with enough sweetness that it should do the trick. I also picked up some oatmeal since he really likes his other cereal.

He cracks me up when trying new food. He kicks his feet like crazy while eating his cereal and is just anxious for the next bite. When you give him something new, however, the feet kicking stops and he gets a grimace on his face. Sometimes he sticks his tongue out with the offending bite on it. Other times he kind of fake gags. It’s funny as hell. Lord, don’t let me end up with a picky eater! I was never a picky eater as a child, but my brother was ridiculous. Kid didn’t even like pizza! Hopefully it’s too early to call that one.

I think I’m going to need to add a nightly pumping session. ICK! I have been producing enough at work to get two 5 oz. bottles but now that we are doing solids, I need more on hand to mix with cereal, etc. I HATE pumping, but it must be done. We (finally) bought a bottle warmer last week and it seems to have really helped baby take the bottle more easily. I feel like an idiot for not having done it sooner! He now holds the bottle mostly on his own and takes most, if not all, of it. Let’s hope this is a continuing trend.

I feel like most of my entries lately have been so negative due to the sleep thing, but hopefully that is about to change. We are going to start doing the Sleep Lady technique of sleep training on Wednesday or Thursday night. It seems like a humane way of sleep training (not leaving him to CIO). If he were able to sleep nicely in bed with us, I’d be happy to co-sleep, but he tosses and turns and wants to nurse all night, leaving both of us tired in the AM. Anyway, I really hope he responds well to the gentle method. We are going to bite the bullet and make the office into S’s room (slowly at first, but eventually it will be all his). Moving his crib at some point this week. While I’m ready for us to start sleeping again, it is also sad to think of him out of our room and even in some ways, out of our bed. The nights always start off so nice, with baby snuggled up next to me sleeping like a little angel. I will miss that.


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6 months

It’s just crazy to me that S is already 6 months old. It seems like just yesterday we were bringing him home from the hospital. We love our little guy like I can’t tell you. Every day brings new discoveries (hello, tongue! hello, voice!). He is sitting up really well at this point, though he can’t get into the sitting position on his own yet. We started rice cereal last Thursday, and tried banana on Sunday. He was not feeling it. I think we’re going for it again tomorrow. Next up: avocado! Guacamole for Mamas and avo for S! Yay!

We are starting to get desperate with the sleeping situation. It is just so bad. Even having him in the bed doesn’t really solve it as he wants to nurse constantly and I get very little sleep. We were at the pediatrician’s office yesterday because S has a little rash (was nothing serious), and he told us to “let him cry – no intervention.” No way I can do that. We let him cry last night for 10 minutes and he really started to get himself worked up (coughing, etc.) and I totally caved. I can’t handle hearing him get upset like that. However, we also can’t go much longer on no sleep. DW was in tears yesterday morning and she is like a rock usually. Where it’ll end, I don’t know. Sorry to bore you all with our sleep woes, but it’s where we are right now.

We go back to the ped on Friday for S’s 6 month appointment. Poor bug will not be happy with more shots. I’m so curious to see what he weighs. He seems so huge!


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sleep and food

OMG we are getting like no sleep in this house. For the last week or so, baby just will not stay asleep. He’s up every 45 minutes to an hour all. night. long. We are at our wit’s end, so we went ahead and started solids today. S will be 6 months on Monday and has been exclusively breastfed. I was going to wait until his 6 month appt., which is next Friday, to start with the solids, but figured we’d go ahead and start and see if it helps at all with the sleep situation. He ate like an old pro! We just gave him a bit of rice cereal with breast milk to start. We’ll be moving onto banana or avocado on Sunday. Exciting! He is still not really taking the bottle when I work (only has maybe 2-4 oz. while I’m gone), so hopefully having some food during the day will help fill his belly, too.

It is so hard to believe Monday is S’s 6 month birthday. It seems both like he’s always been here and like he was just born yesterday. His old mamas are feeling like he’ll be a one and only as we are barely hanging on with just the one. He’s a great little guy and we love him like crazy, but the sleep deprivation is really killing us. I’m not sure we could do it again and do it with another baby in the house. We’ll see if we change our minds but right now, we are both on board with an only (wonderful, special, precious) child.

My mom was out for a long weekend and she and baby had a great time together. It was rough at first as she wanted to latch right onto the little guy and he was like, “Who is this?” He came around pretty quickly once he saw how much fun she could be. She really worked with him sitting (he’s doing really well!) and she taught him how to blow raspberries. Cute! I so wish she lived closer so we could see more of each other (she is in South Carolina and we are in Southern California). She and my dad are going to come back out for Labor Day.

Wish us luck with sleeping tonight! I think I have used up my last awake brain cell typing this 🙂


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