>After reading other’s posts (hi, Jen and DZ!) on their heart rates, I am annoyed and nervous about my u/s on Monday. My RE just doesn’t share info as freely as I would like. I did not get a BPM, but DW claims that he said 40 BPM. After Googling, I am scared as hell if that is true as it is extremely low. RE acted thrilled and like all was great, so I’m hoping she misheard or something but this is a continuing trend with him and the coordinator. I just emailed RE to find out what the BPM actually was.

To top it off, I’m all nervous because today I feel totally normal (no morning sickness or anything) so I’ve half convinced myself I’ve m/c or am about to. I hate this! I haven’t shared any of this with DW because I think I’m probably just paranoid and don’t want to worry her over nothing. I am so ready to move on to an OB. My RE is just lacking in the sharing of information department. Ugh.


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  1. >i am SURE the bpm wasn’t 40 (especially if your RE was thrilled). im guessing it was 140, which would be perfect, and DW just missed the “1”. i hope your RE gets back with you quickly so you have some peace of mind. i dont think the nerves ever go away, especially after a m/c. a loss robs that naive innocence…as hard as it is, try to remember this pregnancy is different than the last and has been nothing but perfect so far. sending you ((hugs)) and peace.

  2. >the above post says all the things I was about to write.I can assure you that the RE would not have been “thrilled” with a BPM of 40. Deep breaths and calming thoughts. I hope the u/s comes quickly and sets you mind at ease.

  3. >Others have said this already, but I’m sure it was 140. I’m certain your RE would have told you if it was 40.Since my first miscarriage ended in pregnancy, every pregnancy after that has been a rollercoaster of symptoms (yuck! yay!) followed by doubts and fear when I felt fine. Someone told me once that spontaneous miscarriage after 8 weeks (where everything looked fine on the u/s) is very rare, so I usually hung onto that.Also, I’m not sure if this helps at all, but each pregnancy I have worried about miscarriage, then birth defects, then preterm labor, then cord death, placental abruption, flu, RSV, kidnapping, child abuse, and so on. Which is not meant to scare you but more to say that worrying is a part of parenting and you can’t ever get away from it. I think parents worry from conception on.(Aren’t you glad you shared your blog with me?)

  4. >I am glad, Stephanie šŸ™‚ It has definitely occurred to me that I’m now (hopefully) in for a lifetime of worry. I need to accept that this is completely out of my control and find some sort of peace with that. Funny that just last night I was saying to DW how I’ve been way less anxious than I thought I would be and here I am!Thanks to all of you for your calming words. I also shared my concerns with DW and she is convinced it is all fine and she must have misheard. The heartbeat was fast and strong. It sounded really great. I’m going with it.

  5. >It’s totally normal to worry. It’s practice for the incredibly worrying task of being responsible for a small human.That said, if your RE is happy, I bet that means everything is absolutely fine. I look forward to your sharing your “Whew!” story soon.

  6. Jen

    >Hi back. I am also guessing it was 140 but none-the-less, it is completely fine and normal to stress and feel out of control. Hell, anxiety sent me into acupunture! This entire process is scary because fear seems to lead joy. You are not alone in this and I am glad to talked to DW about it. Support each other and hopefully your RE will get back to you with the exact results.

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