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>OB visit

>The good: OB is pleased with how I’m doing. Weight is good as is everything else. Baby’s heartbeat sounded great and he showed off his kicking skills. I’ll be visiting the OB every two weeks now. Wow.

The bad: I mentioned my back pain and she told me some stuff I can do but said not to use a heating pad. Oops! I’ve been using a heating pad. She gave me an alarmed look and said it could “cook” the baby. Holy shit. I hope I haven’t hurt the little man… One more thing to worry about.

The ugly: She was talking about scheduling the C-section on Dec. 23, meaning I’d be in the hospital through Christmas. It’s not set in stone or anything but damn, I hope that doesn’t happen.


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>ob appt.

>I got to hear the nugget’s strong heartbeat today at the OB’s office via Doppler. My doctor was being reassuring about the amnio/first tri screening results, which was nice. I’m feeling much less stressed and just hoping for the best. Amnio is Wednesday at 1:30 and then I’m on 48 hours bedrest in a local hotel. I had to book a room since my house is a shambles. I’m actually looking forward to total relaxation in a clean environment.

Send good vibes our way Wednesday! 


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>graduation (updated with photo)

>We had our last ultrasound with our RE this morning. The nugget looks great and the heart rate was 170 BPM. Only two more weeks on estrogen and progesterone! I made an appointment with the OB for 6/15 and an appointment for the first trimester screening on 6/25. I’m a little bummed that the OB I wanted is on maternity leave so I am starting with another doctor in her office. I also couldn’t tell for sure, but it sounded like they do the old rotating doctor thingy, which I’m not so keen on. I’ll find out when we go on the 15th.

So happy that things are progressing nicely and SO ready to move on to the OB. We took a picture of the u/s screen (stupid old-school machine that doesn’t print) so hopefully it turned out and I’ll share soon.

Go, nugget!

Here’s the pic:


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>heartbeat update

>140 BPM 🙂


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>After reading other’s posts (hi, Jen and DZ!) on their heart rates, I am annoyed and nervous about my u/s on Monday. My RE just doesn’t share info as freely as I would like. I did not get a BPM, but DW claims that he said 40 BPM. After Googling, I am scared as hell if that is true as it is extremely low. RE acted thrilled and like all was great, so I’m hoping she misheard or something but this is a continuing trend with him and the coordinator. I just emailed RE to find out what the BPM actually was.

To top it off, I’m all nervous because today I feel totally normal (no morning sickness or anything) so I’ve half convinced myself I’ve m/c or am about to. I hate this! I haven’t shared any of this with DW because I think I’m probably just paranoid and don’t want to worry her over nothing. I am so ready to move on to an OB. My RE is just lacking in the sharing of information department. Ugh.


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>We have a heartbeat (yes, just the one – no twinsies)! So relieved, but realize we’re not out of the woods. We go again in 2 weeks for another ultrasound. Yay!!!! Unfortunately, I did not get pictures. My RE is in temporary quarters and his machine doesn’t do pics. Boo! Still, HEARTBEAT!!!

RE’s coordinator today told me I’m 6w3d. Really? We did a 5 day transfer on 4/17. I thought I was 7 weeks, easy. Oh well, whatever, HEARTBEAT!!!


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>next step (finally)

>I emailed my coordinator and found out we are to go in for an ultrasound on 3/20 to hear the heartbeat. Exciting!


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