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braxton hicks?

Last night in the early evening I had what felt like a few semi-strong contractions (lower abdomen seized up and had me doubled over briefly). It happened a couple of more times within about 2 hours, but then it went away. I was worried for a second that maybe baby had ideas of coming early! I looked up Braxton Hicks contractions versus regular contractions and it seems like what I had was more like regular in terms of how it felt, but more like BH in terms of it going away rather than getting stronger. It just made this all feel more real and like it could really happen any old time. I was also feeling strong baby movement, so it was kind of hard to tell what was actually going on. I figured if I were in labor, I’d certainly know it soon enough! It made me nervous, though, as I’m not supposed to go into labor. My OB told me to call if I had any signs of labor, so it was kind of anxiety-making as I don’t want to err on either side (calling with a false alarm or calling too late and having problems).

Today we are going to have my MiL over to decorate the tree. I love seeing all our ornaments every year. We do a woodland animals themed tree and last year, MiL bought me a big black bear to put by the tree that I had admired at a Christmas store. It will be so cute to photograph S next to it each year to chart his growth. I’ll post pictures when it’s all done.
Salvation Army came yesterday and hauled a bunch of crap away. We’re making room! This weekend, we need to go through the closet in our office and see what we can get rid of in there. I’ll be glad when we’re done with the nesting. I’m tired!


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36 weeks

I had my second appointment with my new OB today and it went well. Nothing new to report – just weekly visits until baby arrives. We did end up keeping our same date and time for the delivery (12/21 at noon). I can’t believe it’s less than 3 weeks away. I’m both excited (to meet my baby) and anxious (about the surgery, recovery, breast feeding, etc.).

I continue to be extremely uncomfortable most of the time. My back has started hurting again and I can’t be on my back for more than a couple of minutes before I start feeling light-headed. I have been taking lots of baths, which really helps with the discomfort. Too bad they are only warm and not hot, but still, it feels pretty great. It’s been nice with our new tub, too! It’s huge compared to our old one and has arm rests for reading. Luxurious!
So far, the kittens are doing pretty well with the Christmas tree. Looks like we can keep it up this year! We’ll decorate it this weekend. Let’s hope that doesn’t spur them on in their tree shenanigans. We moved the glider into the bedroom to make room for the tree and my youngest kitty, Casper, has taken to getting in my lap to rock. It is really adorable. He is going to be most displeased when S arrives and gets that honor.


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>3rd trimester

>Dude, I’m only 3 days into the 3rd tri and already I’m feeling icky. I’m tired all the time, my back pain is getting worse, TMI…constipation ICK, and some nausea. I’ve worked from home 3 days this week and it’s been awesome. I’m hoping to continue the trend…

We toured the Women’s Pavilion at the hospital where little dude will be born last night. It was really nice. They have a separate entrance just for maternity, which is great with this H1N1 stuff going on. The entire ward is locked down. We saw 2 tiny little babies come through – they are SO SMALL! It was a nice facility and we got a good feeling being there. Yay!

Speaking of H1N1, my OB is telling me I should get the vaccination but they don’t have it and don’t know that they’ll be getting it. I called my high-risk OB and he also said it’s important to get vaccinated, but they don’t have it and don’t know if they’ll get it. So I asked at the hospital last night. Don’t have it, don’t know when they’ll get it. WTH? What are your thoughts on the vaccine and if you plan to get it, do you know where you’ll get it? I have this feeling it won’t be available in time. I’m trying not to be paranoid…

I’m a little worried that little dude isn’t as active as he should be. I do feel him every day, more than once a day, but at 28 weeks, I feel like he should be more active. When he does move it’s either a big old kick or these little movements that feel like he’s tickling me with his little fingers. Aw.

I had acupuncture yesterday for my back pain. It felt WONDERFUL and I had a great nap with the needles, but the pain was back in a couple of hours. I was really hoping it would last 😦 I hadn’t been to my acupuncturist since I was there for infertility and it was fun to see her reaction to my 7-months-pregnant belly. She and a woman in the waiting room acted like I was really small for 7 months, which felt good, too. The paranoid side of me was worrying that I was too small, of course, but I was just at my OB last Friday and she seemed to think I was doing great. CALM DOWN, MIND!


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>OB visit

>The good: OB is pleased with how I’m doing. Weight is good as is everything else. Baby’s heartbeat sounded great and he showed off his kicking skills. I’ll be visiting the OB every two weeks now. Wow.

The bad: I mentioned my back pain and she told me some stuff I can do but said not to use a heating pad. Oops! I’ve been using a heating pad. She gave me an alarmed look and said it could “cook” the baby. Holy shit. I hope I haven’t hurt the little man… One more thing to worry about.

The ugly: She was talking about scheduling the C-section on Dec. 23, meaning I’d be in the hospital through Christmas. It’s not set in stone or anything but damn, I hope that doesn’t happen.


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>After reading other’s posts (hi, Jen and DZ!) on their heart rates, I am annoyed and nervous about my u/s on Monday. My RE just doesn’t share info as freely as I would like. I did not get a BPM, but DW claims that he said 40 BPM. After Googling, I am scared as hell if that is true as it is extremely low. RE acted thrilled and like all was great, so I’m hoping she misheard or something but this is a continuing trend with him and the coordinator. I just emailed RE to find out what the BPM actually was.

To top it off, I’m all nervous because today I feel totally normal (no morning sickness or anything) so I’ve half convinced myself I’ve m/c or am about to. I hate this! I haven’t shared any of this with DW because I think I’m probably just paranoid and don’t want to worry her over nothing. I am so ready to move on to an OB. My RE is just lacking in the sharing of information department. Ugh.


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