>We have a heartbeat (yes, just the one – no twinsies)! So relieved, but realize we’re not out of the woods. We go again in 2 weeks for another ultrasound. Yay!!!! Unfortunately, I did not get pictures. My RE is in temporary quarters and his machine doesn’t do pics. Boo! Still, HEARTBEAT!!!

RE’s coordinator today told me I’m 6w3d. Really? We did a 5 day transfer on 4/17. I thought I was 7 weeks, easy. Oh well, whatever, HEARTBEAT!!!


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8 responses to “>heartbeat!

  1. >HOORAY!!!!!!!! Congrats!! isn’t that flickering heartbeat just the most amazing sight/sound?!? i am SO happy for you two!

  2. Jen

    >Today is such a GOOD DAY!!!! I am so happy and hopefully we can go through this entire journey together and deliver days apart! (still early, but I am hopeful!!)

  3. >Awesome!!!! one down…. jumping over to check Jen’s blog now. I’m tomorrow. Good things come in threes right? btw, sorry about the above delete. I was under the wrong account.

  4. >Terrific!!! Congratulations! Such great news!

  5. >I do most of my blog reading on my iPhone which makes commenting hard, but I wanted to make extra sure to come by and say congratulations! I’m so excited for you guys and every time I see your name online, I’ve been squeeing internally. So excited for you guys!

  6. >That is great news girls. I am so happy for you.

  7. >Houston, we have a heartbeat!LA, we have an OKAY!Glamcookie, you have a little ducky!Okay – it’s late, I am tired and deliriously happy for you:)

  8. S

    >haha my FS’s rooms didn’t have a picture printing thingy either…boo hiss!! but still…YAY HEARTBEAT!! We had some confusion over dates too. Turns out he’s going by when I ovulated, I was calculating it by my day of blastocyst transfer. who knows?! as long as the REs/FSs are happy, I’m happy!and my congrats to you both!! one is a good enough bundle for me! =)xx

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