>It appears that I have officially reached the point at which a.) people know by looking at me that I’m pregnant and b.) I’m wearing maternity clothes pretty much exclusively. Earlier this week, a co-worker that I haven’t seen in a while comes up and points to my belly and says, “Are you????” To which I reply, “Yes!” And congrats all around. Yesterday I went over to Old Navy to look at maternity tops, thinking I still wouldn’t be fitting into them yet. Yeah, not so much. I bought 3 shirts that all fit, though they do have some room to grow. While checking out, the salesperson goes, “How far along are you?” “Five months.” “You’re tiny!” Bless her. I’m feeling pretty large.

Last night I went by Baby Gap to look in their maternity section and a shirt I tried on a few weeks ago and was swimming in was on sale. I thought I’d try it again, only in a size small (I’d tried medium previously). The small was crazy too small, so I tried the medium again. Fit like a glove with no room to grow! That was kind of scary! From big old moomoo (mumu?) to almost too small in a matter of weeks! Yikes.

I’m actually kind of loving it, though. Yes, my belly is getting big, but it looks cute (at least that’s what my wife tells me) and it is housing my little baby boy. It’s all very exciting! One thing that is causing me a little bit of concern is that I’m still not feeling crazy baby kicks. I feel little flutters and the occasional sharp pain, but nothing that feels undeniably baby-kicky. Maybe my placenta is still in front of him?

Next up: (another) anatomy scan on 8/31. Also, our remodel is going to be DONE as of next Friday. Thank God! So ready to have my house back!


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  1. >hey! no fair to talk about how pregnanty you are looking and not post belly pics! :(i think its perfectly normal to only be feeling lite flutters at 21 weeks – do not worry. its only been in the past couple of weeks (around 27-28weeks) that ive been feeling really strong/hard kicks.

  2. >The growing does happen pretty quickly at this point…so not surprising that the shirt at Gap was a bit snugger! I'm sure you look fabulous.Congrats on the house remodel!

  3. >I agree–don't worry about not feeling huge movements at this point. It will get there as the baby grows bigger.

  4. >I'm with S. Where are the belly pics?! Happy to hear that all is well.

  5. >I *think* I've felt 2 or 3 kicks total and by 21 weeks I'd only felt 1. I'm feeling more flutters now but that's about it… I want to see a pic as well. (=

  6. >still waiting for pictures – of the remodel and the baby belly! Glad things are going so well and you look like a preggers mama now!

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