>first kick!

>I had my regular OB appointment today (as opposed to my high-risk OB appointments) at which I told the OB that I had felt a few flutters, but no actual kicks yet. She proceeded to use the doppler to hear his heartbeat and almost immediately we both felt a kick! Ha! It was pretty damned cool. I’ve been poking and prodding him lately and he doesn’t perform for me. Hopefully that will change now. DW is dying to feel him kick, so here’s hoping!


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8 responses to “>first kick!

  1. Jen

    >Whoa! That is awesome. I know the flutters you speak of—it is SO WEIRD! I haven't felt a kick yet, but I am hoping it is soon. How was the rest of your appointment?

  2. >How amazing that first kick must feel! So exciting. I'll bet your little guy will kick for DW just when you least expect it.

  3. >That's SOOOO awesome! I am still patiently waiting since I am only 12 weeks.

  4. >Congrats on that kick!! It's a great feeling…just wait, you'll be feeling him ALL THE TIME soon!

  5. >aw, congrats on that first kick!!! isn't it the most reassuring feeling!?

  6. >I love kicking. It will be so great when DW can feel it as well.

  7. >That's awesome! I love feeling the baby move. She isn't performing for us either. I keep trying to get D involved but she always stops moving as soon as you touch my belly. =P Difficult already!

  8. >HI! I just found your blog! It's so nice to see a couple with a healthy pregnancy after miscarrying. I'm approaching my first IVF after two miscarriages and 5 failed IUIs, so y'all are an inspiration. 🙂

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