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ultrasound and gay parenting

We went in to the high-risk OB for what was supposed to be our last visit/ultrasound with him. Unfortunately, baby was in a difficult position so 1.) we didn’t get pictures and 2.) I have to go back in next week to see if he’s moved so that they can check a few things more closely. The little guy is in the frank breech position, meaning he is head up with his legs up over the body:


It’s not really a problem as it’s still early (32 weeks) and he’s coming via c-section no matter what, but it was a bit alarming to see his head and feet so close together! Silly dude! What they could see checked out fine, but they want one more look at him.

OB was a bit alarmed at the size of the baby. He estimates that he is 5 lbs, called him a “big boy,” and said I have an “8 or 9 month sized belly.” He wants me to do the damned hour glucose test again (argh) to make sure all is well, and advised me to watch what I’m eating. Kind of frustrating as I’m not going crazy with the food. I have a lot of 6′ and taller men in my family and both my brother and I were big babies (I was 9 lbs and my bro was 9 lbs, 2 oz). This OB and the other one in his practice are big into childhood obesity research and the connection between it and how the mother eats during pregnancy. I think they are a bit alarmist about it, but I will try to watch what I’m eating more closely. I’m also a little annoyed that I had my regular OB visit last Friday, where she measured my belly and said nothing was out of the ordinary and where they told me I had actually lost 2 lbs since my last appt. Which is it, doctor people?

ION, we are meeting with a lawyer at the Gay and Lesbian Center to find out if DW has to adopt our baby or not. We were thinking that since we are legally married, all we’d have to do is put her name on the birth certificate and we’re all good. Our lawyer advised us to do a 2nd parent adoption, but she doesn’t specialize in family law and is certainly not specialized in LGBT legal issues, so here we go. It is so offensive to me that we’d have to go through a home study and spend several thousand dollars for my wife to legally parent a child we conceived during our marriage. If she were a man and we went the same route to get pregnant (sperm donor), I could just put “his” name as the father and no one would question it. How is that any different than our situation? I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but it has both of us so furious.


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>picture post


First up: belly shots!
20 weeks
21 weeks
23 weeks

Ultrasound photos from 8/31 (23 weeks).


Arms crossed

Baby legs!


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>23 weeks

>We had our last high-risk OB ultrasound yesterday and have been given the all clear by the doctor. Since we declined the amnio, he wanted to monitor the little guy a couple of times to make sure all was well. Yesterday he said we’re most definitely out of the woods in terms of Downs and any other major problem. Baby is measuring right on target and all of his parts are accounted for and working properly. We haven’t been worried for a while now, but it was nice to get the all-clear.

Little dude was so cute – he kept covering his face with his hands. He now weighs approx. 1 lb. 3 oz. I’ve been feeling his feet getting under my rib cage lately, but I thought it couldn’t be that because I figured he wasn’t that large yet. Imagine my surprise when yesterday the u/s tech runs the device just under my rib cage and I see his feet! Ha! We got some pretty great 4D scans of his face. It’s really crazy how much you can see these days on u/s. I’ll post u/s pics once they are scanned (sorry, S!).

Other than that, all is well. I’m feeling pretty good, though I have been having some back pain lately. I’m trying to watch my posture and how I’m sitting to help with that, and we’ve been swimming the last few nights, too. My cousin, who had twin boys last October, gave us a baby swing, bouncy seat, and 2 bags FULL of 6-12 month clothes. We are also inheriting her car seats in Oct. when her guys upgrade. Nice!


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>It appears that I have officially reached the point at which a.) people know by looking at me that I’m pregnant and b.) I’m wearing maternity clothes pretty much exclusively. Earlier this week, a co-worker that I haven’t seen in a while comes up and points to my belly and says, “Are you????” To which I reply, “Yes!” And congrats all around. Yesterday I went over to Old Navy to look at maternity tops, thinking I still wouldn’t be fitting into them yet. Yeah, not so much. I bought 3 shirts that all fit, though they do have some room to grow. While checking out, the salesperson goes, “How far along are you?” “Five months.” “You’re tiny!” Bless her. I’m feeling pretty large.

Last night I went by Baby Gap to look in their maternity section and a shirt I tried on a few weeks ago and was swimming in was on sale. I thought I’d try it again, only in a size small (I’d tried medium previously). The small was crazy too small, so I tried the medium again. Fit like a glove with no room to grow! That was kind of scary! From big old moomoo (mumu?) to almost too small in a matter of weeks! Yikes.

I’m actually kind of loving it, though. Yes, my belly is getting big, but it looks cute (at least that’s what my wife tells me) and it is housing my little baby boy. It’s all very exciting! One thing that is causing me a little bit of concern is that I’m still not feeling crazy baby kicks. I feel little flutters and the occasional sharp pain, but nothing that feels undeniably baby-kicky. Maybe my placenta is still in front of him?

Next up: (another) anatomy scan on 8/31. Also, our remodel is going to be DONE as of next Friday. Thank God! So ready to have my house back!


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>19 weeks, 3 days

>We had another genetic ultrasound on Monday and the baby looks perfect, just as he did in the previous one (at 16 weeks). Our 2nd tri screening numbers came back low again (1:29 for Downs), but the OB thinks there is no problem at all with our boy. He is measuring right on his date and has zero markers. We are still going with no amnio, which means we’ll go again for an ultrasound on August 31. OB says if all is still great at that point (and he has no doubts that it will be), we are over the hump. You’d be able to tell by then for sure according to him. We are not worried about it.

Baby was flipping around like crazy during the u/s. I was shocked I couldn’t feel anything – I’m talking he was planting his feet and pushing off while arching his back! Wild man! We brought in a CD to record the u/s but it is blank. Sadness. The u/s pictures weren’t great either. They were all of the 4D scans, which we find a bit creepy. I was hoping for another profile shot. Ah well, we’ll be back there in a few weeks.
We’re still buying baby clothes like crazy people. We need to stop so that we see what we end up getting from people, but it’s so fun! Here are just a few of our purchases:
My mom is coming out to visit in late September (post-remodel) so she can see me pregnant. It’ll be nice to have her here, but I’m stressing a little about having the house back in order in time. It is a huge mess right now. Ah well, if it’s not all done, she may just have to pitch in and help, right?


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>post-vacation status

>The wife and I are back to real life (sigh). We had a good trip, though it was not exactly what you’d call relaxing as we were in the convention center with a bazillion people on our feet for several days. Our highlight was meeting/getting pics with Adama and Tigh from Battlestar Galactica. What? I told you we were nerds!

My morning sickness seems to have gone away for the most part. Fortunately it lifted right before Comic-Con started. I have also graduated to wearing my maternity jeans exclusively now. I could still fit into some of old jeans, but they got uncomfortable toward the end of the day. We’ve been buying and receiving baby clothes like crazy. Is fun! I was kind of bummed to be missing the buying of all the cute girly clothes, but I’ve discovered that boy clothes are really fun, too. Baby boy is going to dress a lot like his Mommy (my wife) – polos, jeans, Converse, cute t-shirts.

I had some serious mood swings going on post-vacation. I’d feel really down in the dumps and then quickly back to normal. It seems to have lifted, thankfully. I get down sometimes after vacation so I think it was that heightened by hormones (plus the horribly awful dirty house we are living in thanks to the remodel-ugh!). I think I’ve been feeling some slight movement from the little dude, but I’m not positive and it’s definitely not able to be felt from the outside. DW is going crazy waiting to be able to see/feel him move around.

I will end with a couple of u/s pics from our 16 week appointment and a belly shot at 17 weeks 🙂





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>OB appt. – updated with scan pic

>Was so amazing!!! The nugget was moving all around, the doctor said it looked like it was sucking its thumb! It was the first time it really looked baby-shaped. So cool! Will post photo when DW is home and can scan it. Doctor said my EDD is 12/29 based on the baby’s measurements so I also picked up a week. He also said that at this point, the miscarriage risk is less than 5%. Yay! So excited! It was a much happier and more information-filled visit than I was used to with my RE. I liked the OB, too, and he’s not even going to be my regular one. I see her next time. Another happy-making event? I’m DONE with the estrogen shots and progesterone inserts!!! This is the best Monday ever!

Next up:

  • Blood draw and glucose test (early!) 6/19
  • 1st trimester screening 6/25
Here’s the nugget:


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>heading into FET land

>Friday’s ultrasound was good – RE said the lining looked “beautiful.” They also took blood and I heard back today that it was great. We start PIO injections tomorrow night, so I’ll have some nights of double butt injections (PIO and Delestrogen). Ow! I also start the Medrol dose packs on Monday. FET is on for Friday morning, but I don’t have a specific appointment time yet.

I’m not nearly as excited this time around as last. I guess it’s to be expected after a m/c, but I’m trying not to be pessimistic. Just don’t want to get my hopes up for nothing. I wish it wasn’t so hard.


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