>23 weeks

>We had our last high-risk OB ultrasound yesterday and have been given the all clear by the doctor. Since we declined the amnio, he wanted to monitor the little guy a couple of times to make sure all was well. Yesterday he said we’re most definitely out of the woods in terms of Downs and any other major problem. Baby is measuring right on target and all of his parts are accounted for and working properly. We haven’t been worried for a while now, but it was nice to get the all-clear.

Little dude was so cute – he kept covering his face with his hands. He now weighs approx. 1 lb. 3 oz. I’ve been feeling his feet getting under my rib cage lately, but I thought it couldn’t be that because I figured he wasn’t that large yet. Imagine my surprise when yesterday the u/s tech runs the device just under my rib cage and I see his feet! Ha! We got some pretty great 4D scans of his face. It’s really crazy how much you can see these days on u/s. I’ll post u/s pics once they are scanned (sorry, S!).

Other than that, all is well. I’m feeling pretty good, though I have been having some back pain lately. I’m trying to watch my posture and how I’m sitting to help with that, and we’ve been swimming the last few nights, too. My cousin, who had twin boys last October, gave us a baby swing, bouncy seat, and 2 bags FULL of 6-12 month clothes. We are also inheriting her car seats in Oct. when her guys upgrade. Nice!


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7 responses to “>23 weeks

  1. >YAY for being in the clear! That's wonderful news. Can't wait to see the pictures.

  2. Jen

    >So glad that everything is good with little dude. I wish I could have u/s's every month just to check in with munchkin. And, yay for hand-me-downs!!! That is an awesome bonus.

  3. >Great news! Sounds like all is going according to plan! Just curious why so many of us fertility challengned have high risk ob /gynies? Did they tell you why? Just wondering if high tech conceptions always equal high risk monitoring? Good for you for skipping the amnio. Can't wait to see baby and belly pics! Cute that he is tickling you on the ribs! Do you have a name? Not that you should tell or anything! 🙂 good news about all the baby swag!

  4. >tg – We actually see a regular OB, but had the extra high-risk OB visits because of our bad first tri screen numbers (1:8 risk of Downs). If we'd opted for an amnio, we'd have had only the one high-risk OB visit.

  5. >sure, sure, i'll believe it when i see it! im still waiting for pics of your cute baby bump! ;)congrats on the great appointment, it must feel so good to only be getting reassuring news at this point. and hooray for hand-me-downs, aren't they the best?! we just washed two bins full of clothes — now we just need to sort and fold!

  6. >This is all great news all around. The u/s's are so reassuring, aren't they? Sounds like everything is going right on track.I love the 2nd hand swag. We're getting quite a bit of it ourselves already and it sure does make a huge difference.Can't wait for the photos! Belly shots??

  7. >That is such great news! I can't believe our little ones are big enough to be poking our ribs already! I thought that briefly the other day but felt stupid asking my OB if that could be what I was feeling. Sooo cool!

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