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>It appears that I have officially reached the point at which a.) people know by looking at me that I’m pregnant and b.) I’m wearing maternity clothes pretty much exclusively. Earlier this week, a co-worker that I haven’t seen in a while comes up and points to my belly and says, “Are you????” To which I reply, “Yes!” And congrats all around. Yesterday I went over to Old Navy to look at maternity tops, thinking I still wouldn’t be fitting into them yet. Yeah, not so much. I bought 3 shirts that all fit, though they do have some room to grow. While checking out, the salesperson goes, “How far along are you?” “Five months.” “You’re tiny!” Bless her. I’m feeling pretty large.

Last night I went by Baby Gap to look in their maternity section and a shirt I tried on a few weeks ago and was swimming in was on sale. I thought I’d try it again, only in a size small (I’d tried medium previously). The small was crazy too small, so I tried the medium again. Fit like a glove with no room to grow! That was kind of scary! From big old moomoo (mumu?) to almost too small in a matter of weeks! Yikes.

I’m actually kind of loving it, though. Yes, my belly is getting big, but it looks cute (at least that’s what my wife tells me) and it is housing my little baby boy. It’s all very exciting! One thing that is causing me a little bit of concern is that I’m still not feeling crazy baby kicks. I feel little flutters and the occasional sharp pain, but nothing that feels undeniably baby-kicky. Maybe my placenta is still in front of him?

Next up: (another) anatomy scan on 8/31. Also, our remodel is going to be DONE as of next Friday. Thank God! So ready to have my house back!


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>Since I mentioned it in my last post, I figured I’d blog a bit about our upcoming remodel. Our place was built in the 70s and had no real upgrades when we moved in 5 years ago. Since we’ve been there, we’ve replaced all the flooring (removed nasty carpet and put in laminate that looks like dark wood), painted every room in the place, and remodeled our small guest bathroom about a year ago (check it out here). The master bath and kitchen are both in need, but we have replaced all of our kitchen appliances, so we decided the master bath is our next project. I’m going to take before and after pics again (like we did for small bathroom). It’s exciting but I hate the process.

We are in the midst of packing up everything in our bedroom, including 3 bedroom closets, and will be moving into our guest room/office for the duration (starting 4/22, lasting 6-8 weeks). The wife is worried about possibly pregnant me breathing in the dust and sleeping on a futon, but my RE assured us that it’s fine. I’m so glad because I know that once there’s a baby, remodeling ain’t gonna be happening anytime soon. We are doing the master in a very similar style to the guest bathroom. The major differences are that it will have a tub/shower combo rather than just a shower, double vanity (yay!), and the tile will be the same but in a blue/gray color rather than the cream/tan. I’m so excited!!!

On the TTC front, I have an ultrasound this Friday afternoon to check my lining and we are still scheduled for the transfer on 4/17. Less than two weeks! I am both excited and scared. DW continues to be the sweetest. She is very positive about our chances and is still giving injections like a pro.

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