>ob appt.

>I got to hear the nugget’s strong heartbeat today at the OB’s office via Doppler. My doctor was being reassuring about the amnio/first tri screening results, which was nice. I’m feeling much less stressed and just hoping for the best. Amnio is Wednesday at 1:30 and then I’m on 48 hours bedrest in a local hotel. I had to book a room since my house is a shambles. I’m actually looking forward to total relaxation in a clean environment.

Send good vibes our way Wednesday! 


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5 responses to “>ob appt.

  1. >I'm glad you had a reassuring appointment, and I think your plan to do the 48 hours bedrest at a hotel is Braziliant! Will be sending tons of good vibes your way.

  2. >I'll be thinking about you!!

  3. >I love the bedrest plan. AND I am so glad that your OB is reassuring you right now. I would think that if her were worried, he would be doing the trying to prepare you thing.

  4. >hooray for hearing the heartbeat! that beautiful sound never gets old! 😀 and im so glad to hear you got some reassurance at your appointment. hope the amnio goes well and you are able to enjoy your days of bedrest.

  5. >You may already be having the amnio (not sure of your timezone), or it's happening soon. I'm thinking about you and hoping that everything goes smoothly.

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