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>ob appt.

>I got to hear the nugget’s strong heartbeat today at the OB’s office via Doppler. My doctor was being reassuring about the amnio/first tri screening results, which was nice. I’m feeling much less stressed and just hoping for the best. Amnio is Wednesday at 1:30 and then I’m on 48 hours bedrest in a local hotel. I had to book a room since my house is a shambles. I’m actually looking forward to total relaxation in a clean environment.

Send good vibes our way Wednesday! 


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>the dreaded wait

>First, thank you all for your support and kindness in re: my last post. I’m going through waves of “it’ll all be fine” and “you’ll be the 1 in that 1:8” craziness. Trying desperately to put it out of my head as I won’t know for a little while. We’re trying to decide whether we want to do the FSH (or is it FISH?) thing where they have some preliminary results (including Downs result) after 48 hours or just wait the 2 weeks for the whole panel to be done. We are going on vacation from 7/20-7/27, the amnio is 7/15, and so the FSH results would arrive the Friday before we leave. If the results are bad, vacation ruined. If they are good, vacation is better than it will be without knowing. I hate that this all fell at the same time. Argh.

Predictably, I’m not sleeping well and that combined with stress and hormones is making me kind of a nutcase. I was almost in tears at work yesterday over nothing. Fortunately I recovered myself before anyone knew (I do not want to be seen as the emotional pregnant lady in the workplace). I really need that week off. And because things aren’t quite crazy enough, our remodel starts today. I guess I’m going to get a hotel room for next Thur-Fri as my OB told me to be on modified bed rest for 48 hours following the amnio and that isn’t going to be possible with the state my house is in right now. Plus they are scraping the ceilings Thur-Fri of next week. How much nuttier can it get, people?

I would also not advise doing the first trimester screening if:

  • It won’t matter to you what the results are (i.e. you’ll not terminate no matter the results)
  • You are planning on doing an amnio regardless

We had always planned on an amnio because of my age, so we could have avoided all this stress and just gotten definitive results with the amnio. After reading about all the false positives, this test just seems like a bad idea and I’m really bummed out that we did it at all. The only people that this test might be for are those who are unsure whether they want to do an amnio or not and want to use the results as a guide. Just my 2 cents.

It’s strange to feel past the worry of miscarriage (I know I’m pregnant what with the growing belly and gagging all the time) and on to the worry over prenatal screening. I guess it’s a graduation of sorts?


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>first trimester screening results

>Okay, I’m trying not to freak out. My OB called with the results of the bloodwork and said that there is a 1 in 8 chance that the baby has Downs Syndrome. I’ve heard from so many people that they got terrible results from this screening and ended up with a perfectly healthy baby, but that 1 in 8 just scared the shit out of me. Is it too much to ask for one thing to just be fine in this process? Now we get to worry for the next month (amnio is 7/15 and results won’t be in until two weeks after that).

On the plus side, the doctor said that the nuchal translucency result was great and that he’s seen lots of people with these odds and worse come through just fine. Still, this is going to be a tough few weeks.


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>first trimester screening – updated with pics

>Before I get into the actual appointment, I have to start with what I found out last night while looking for the doctor’s address. There was a review on one site that said he donated $20K to support Prop 8. Doh! I went to the Prop 8 contributors database and yes indeed, he donated $17K in support. So we spent an anxious hour or so wondering whether we should cancel the appointment. It took a long time to get the appointment, and he is not my regular OB (just screening) so we went ahead with it.

Now to the appointment itself. I hated his office (would have even w/o the gay thing hanging over it). The nurse wouldn’t leave the room when I got changed, he and his nurse had zero bedside manner, they never addressed DW once (hell, they barely addressed me). And they tried to schedule me for an amnio with him – nu and uh. I said I’d call to schedule it, but no way am I going back to that office. He said that the neck measurements are fine (within normal range), but he saw a couple of small cysts in the neck that he said might indicate a chromosomal problem. Of course, then he said they might be gone by the time of our next ultrasound. So, I’m not going to worry about it at this point. I have heard all kinds of stories of terrible 1st tri screening results and perfectly healthy babies. We are going to do an amnio (but not with this fool) so we’ll see what the results of that are.

We got more u/s pics – will post once DW scans them.

Here are the u/s photos. First one here is one of those freaky deaky looking shots:
And this one is a little tough to make out, but the doctor said he believes the baby is a BOY as he thinks he spotted a penis (already!). He said this shot shows it:


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