>After all that angst, we ended up NOT doing the amnio! We were prepared to do it, but as the doctor did the (very thorough) genetic ultrasound looking for markers of possible problems and was saying, “Perfect. Perfect. Perfect.” I started wondering if we really needed to do it. I shared my concerns and DW and the doctor agreed. So we did a blood draw and are running the numbers again (will be different since later in pregnancy than last screen). If they come back low, then we’ll do the amnio (but the doctor said he’ll be shocked if they do). All three of us felt like we were looking at a perfectly healthy little BOY in there šŸ™‚ I was surprisingly much more emotional about the whole ordeal than I expected. Anyway, we are feeling much lighter now and like everything is great.

Doctor also redid our first tri number using yesterday’s ultrasound and came back with 1:83 risk of Downs (wow is that ever better than 1:8). He said for the next screen, based only on the u/s, our number was 1:382. Oh, and he also told me that they’ve found that women who’ve done IVF often have a higher HCG reading than other women and that can also throw your numbers off. Did I mention that new high-risk OB man is GAY? Night and day difference between Dr. Homophobe and loving partnered Dr. Gay. Loved him.

Finally, thank you all so much for your support! It has meant so much to me.


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10 responses to “>relief

  1. >That's such terrific news! I'm so happy to read it!! Also, congrats on confirming it's a boy! It must be exciting to finally know!!

  2. >awww..congrats on finding out you are having a baby boy!! what sweet news! :)everything about this post made me smile – im so glad to hear the numbers are looking up, that an amnio might not be necessary, and that your new doc is so awesome. congrats all around!!!

  3. >What great news!! and A BOY!! šŸ™‚ I'm so, so happy for you!

  4. >SO freaking excited!!! Excellent news on all fronts. A baby boy with minimal chance of any significant challenges and no amnio. Amnio's just make me nervous in general. You must feel as though you are walking on air today. Enjoy. Go have a big fruit smoothie or milkshake. You deserve a treat.

  5. >wow – did you just slip in there casually that you are having a boy?!!!Is this the first time you knew this or did I miss something?How cool is that and all the news gets better and better! Gay O/B = awesome! No amnio – yeah! yippee! great day and great news!okay and i am not kidding but the word recognition said "famonti"!!!!!

  6. >everything is going to be fine. and i'm so glad you are having a boy. i never thought i would say this, but little boys are just so wonderful.

  7. >TG – That is hysterical (word recognition)!gorillabuns – Great to see you here. We are a little nervous at the prospect of raising a boy (since we are both girls), but are very excited!

  8. >That is the best news every! Potentially no amnio is also a relief. I love Dr. Gay too.

  9. >love is all you need to raise a boy or child for that matter and I think you two have it in spades.

  10. >I've been away to long… What wonderful news! And a boy to boot! I nannied for a baby boy when I was in school. I was a little freaked at first. Now I wonder what I will do if we have with a girl.

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