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>In an attempt to lighten the mood and have a little fun, I thought I’d post the crib and bedding set that we’re going to get. The baby is going into our room for a while, so we wanted something that wouldn’t clash and that we really liked. We’re into this bedding set, but we won’t be getting every single thing in the line as it is TOO MUCH of a good thing.

DW really loved this bedding set for a boy, but it is just way too expensive (and not really a good match for our bedroom). Still, it’s super adorable.

And here is the crib we like. Our bedroom furniture is dark wood, so this seems like a good fit. We also wanted something very simple and plain.

We also went into (the way overpriced) A Pea in the Pod as they had sale signs in the window, and I ended up buying stuff that was way overpriced, but I love it. I got a pair of Joe’s Jeans that are really cute and 2 tops and spent around $300. Doh! I think that’s the last time I let myself in there, for real. I wear jeans every day of my life, though, so investing in a nice pair that I love seemed a good idea at the time. Shopping and buying baby-related stuff is so fun!



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  1. Jen

    >Love, love, love the crib and the bedding is so sweet. Isn't it all so fun! We haven't decided yet on bedding, but we are getting close. That is quite a spree at PIP, but if it makes you happy, go for it. Target.com has great clearance right now on maternity wear and I got 7 pieces of clothing for $50!!! Have fun wearing your new jeans.

  2. >the crib is beautiful! and both sets of bedding are adorable! that pea in the pod store is dangerous – too easy to spend *way* too much money! glad you found some jeans you like, that makes such a difference!

  3. >Love the bedding – I hadn't seen the "deer" version the bunny meadow that we'd picked! Excellent taste, my dear. :)The crib is great too.

  4. >Wow is that ever nice. I love the crib and bedding. You are making me feel nesty and like some shopping is in order. Hmmm it is Friday and I have the weekend ahead of me…that is tempting. smile.

  5. >I feel like I can live vicariously through my pregnant on line buddies – so all of this is such fun to see! So all you other pregnant gals out there start posting too! I love that crib – of course I love all of it – except perhaps the skull on wall the picture of the crib with the desert motif. That might be taking interior design a bit too far for my tastes for a baby's room! There is so much cute stuff out there. I love the idea of a crib that converts and that one is not too expensive compared to some. Have you looked on Giggle. com? they are expensive but have some cool organics that aren't to bad in price. How do you get to wear jeans everyday? not at your job right? I wish I could wear jeans but my fat don't like em!Hoping the waiting isn't too hard – by all means cheer yourself up with retail therapy and share it with us:)

  6. >Love both bedding sets and the crib. We're also looking for something simple and plain. BTW, I'm so jealous of Amazon. com. They only ship Books and CD/DVDs to Canada! We find so much stuff that we love but can't order!!

  7. >I love them both, and may have to steal your bedding idea. Sooooo cute!!! I don't let myself on the Pea in the Pod side of that store, but I can totally understand buying jeans you love!

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