>OB appt. – updated with scan pic

>Was so amazing!!! The nugget was moving all around, the doctor said it looked like it was sucking its thumb! It was the first time it really looked baby-shaped. So cool! Will post photo when DW is home and can scan it. Doctor said my EDD is 12/29 based on the baby’s measurements so I also picked up a week. He also said that at this point, the miscarriage risk is less than 5%. Yay! So excited! It was a much happier and more information-filled visit than I was used to with my RE. I liked the OB, too, and he’s not even going to be my regular one. I see her next time. Another happy-making event? I’m DONE with the estrogen shots and progesterone inserts!!! This is the best Monday ever!

Next up:

  • Blood draw and glucose test (early!) 6/19
  • 1st trimester screening 6/25
Here’s the nugget:


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11 responses to “>OB appt. – updated with scan pic

  1. >Yay! Way to go… so cool to see a baby-looking-baby, no?

  2. >oohh! i can't wait to see the picture! so glad to hear the appointment went well!congrats on being drug-free too, what an exciting step!

  3. >What a great photo! So glad all is well. 🙂

  4. >Looks like a baby indeed! That's got to feel great knowing the risk is getting smaller and smaller and things are looking great. Woot!

  5. >that is such good news! what a little cutie! happy happy day to you and your beanie and your dw:)

  6. Jen

    >Nugget is so cute! I have been measuring ahead every visit, but they just say we will have a big baby-no date change, so that is weird to me. I want an extra week!!!! I am so happy for you. Now that the odds have decreased, does it make it any easier. I am living every day worried that with everything we have been through the past two weeks, I will lose munchkin. I just can't shake it. Hugs.

  7. >Jen, it does make it a little easier. My guard is still up, but not nearly as much as it has been. I'm feeling very hopeful and positive. Your munchkin has already proved to be a fighter. I'm certain all will be well. {{{}}}

  8. s

    >OMG!! look at that little nugget baby with arms and legs and everything! 😀 BEAUTIFUL picture!

  9. S.

    >(sorry, that last post was from me, i was logged in to the wrong account)-sarahwww.anofferingoflove.wordpress.com

  10. >So happy for you and your sweetie and for the lovely nugget!

  11. S

    >awesome picture!!=)

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