>I am having a really hard time focusing at work. Granted, I’ve been a bit removed from it for a while (longer than I’ve been PG), but that is definitely a factor. In the last 2 and a half years, I’ve had the following going on:

  • Started and completed a Masters degree in Information Science (while still working)
  • Lost DW’s father after a lengthy battle with leukemia
  • Had a year of TTC with fertility doctors
  • Had surgery (myomectomy)
  • Lost a pregnancy
  • Got pregnant again

I just feel completely physically and emotionally exhausted. Not to mention I’m off my anti-depressants and experiencing PG hormones. I’ve been having fantasies of getting laid off, which is terrible I know. My work is not really stressful right now, I love most of my co-workers and my boss, so I have to just chalk it up to exhaustion. I told DW that I want to take as much time as I can for my maternity leave even if some of it is unpaid. I just need to get away from it (and of course spend as much time as I can with my new baby – so weird to think of having a little baby!). I’m not sure how I’m going to make it through the next 6.5 months!



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6 responses to “>exhaustion

  1. >You have really gone through a lot during the last 2 years, that's for sure. It's no wonder that as you're all hopped up on baby hormones, you'd be feeling exhaustion.I hope this next portion of the pregnancy brings that elusive "full of energy" feeling!

  2. >I don't blame you for your fantasies – I have the same ones and I am not even pregnant yet! I hope you get some super energy from somewhere soon – but in the meantime get as much rest as you can and take it as easy as you can – and be kind to yourself:)(((HUGS)))

  3. >Everyone says that trimester 1 is filled with exhaustion. Sounds like you and your fantasies are right on track! Be kind to yourself and get lots of rest and hopefully trimester 2 will give you some relief.

  4. >sounds like you are very ready for maternity leave! im already daydreaming about it too!! 😀

  5. >That is a heck of a lot and pregnancy can be very tiring. I hear there is supposed to be some kind of energy surge in the second trimester. I am still waiting for it. Smile.

  6. jdz

    >That's a lot to handle. I completely understand. I've had a really hard time focusing as well – long before I found I was pregnant. That said..the exhaustion I have right now is NOT something I expected at all. I figured I was already a tired person in general and it couldn't be THAT bad. WRONG. Without a word of a lie, yesterday I had the following internal conversation with myself:1) I wonder if anyone lives near here that will let me nap at their place during the day?2) I wonder if I can post an ad on Craigslist looking for a room to rent in the neighbourhood?3) When I have my car, will it really be too hot to sleep in during the day?and finally…I ACTUALLY stalked our "wellness room" at my work. There is a cot and a sink and it is meant for the frontline staff if they are sick. I'm seriously considering using it one of these days!!!I'm right there with you! WORK is the absolute last place I want to be! LOL

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