>family – grrrr

>My SiL is a total pain in the ass. I avoid her when I can help it (which isn’t too difficult considering she lives on the opposite coast), but sometimes I can’t help it. She had back surgery on Thursday and DW shamed me into calling her tonight to see how she was doing. I know it was the right thing to do, but all I got was insults for my trouble. She congratulated me on making 12 weeks and then launched into how she hates “the nugget” nickname and we “have to stop using it.” Then she proceeds to tell me that my mom shared our names with her and while she likes one, she does not like the other. She went into great detail on why she dislikes both the nugget and our name. I’m like, “I don’t recall asking for opinions.” Of course, I didn’t say much of anything because this is her normal behavior and calling her on it doesn’t change a thing. It’s difficult having someone you extremely dislike in your family. For the record, no one in the family can stand her (with the exception of my brother, I guess).

It got me mad at my mom, too, as she has also shared that she isn’t really into our boy name (the same one my SiL dislikes). Last time we talked, I told her, “Hey, you got to name your babies and now it’s my turn to name mine.” She took it well and I had really moved on, but this call got me pissed about it as I’m wondering why my mom shared the names with SiL and if she sat there saying she didn’t like the name either. If you knew what the name is, you’d be shocked by this negative reaction. It is not an unusual name at all. Certainly not anywhere near Crimson or Clover (honest to God baby name considerations of my brother and SiL). These people are seriously pissing me off!
  • I got all kinds of blood drawn today for multiple tests (glucose, genetic screening, and other stuff). Here’s hoping all of the results are good. 
  • DW and I bought our first baby items today – 2 adorable Lucky Brand onesies that were half off. 
  • My morning sickness has been really bad this week (week 12!). Still no throwing up, but more gagging and sickly feeling than usual. I thought it was supposed to taper off, not continue rising!
  • I went looking at maternity clothes because I feel so large and have not very many items that I feel good wearing. I found, however, that I’m  not so very large as the maternity stuff is too big for me and I was able to find loose-fitting stuff in my normal sizes that should last me for a while. Good discovery was that there is a fairly large maternity section in the Baby Gap at the mall. Yay!


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11 responses to “>family – grrrr

  1. >I literally felt the room spin the first time I tried onmaternity clothes with the pillow they have in the dressing room. I felt so huge! I wore maternity pants and regular shirts for several weeks. I think I was maybe 20-24 weeks before strangers noticed. Sorry about the family stuff. My mom was a bit proprietary with names the first time around so I know what you mean. My cousin named her son Attila though so now pretty much any name is fine in our family. -Stephanie(I have to be anonymous from my iPhone for some reason)

  2. >Yikes. Your SIL saounds like a pill! I am thinking that you should send get-well-soon cards in the future. This way you have done your duty and yet don't have to subject yourself to her venom. I am amazed at people who want to suck the joy out of other people's lives. "Crimson" and "clover"? Really, she gets no input into your baby names as her taste is total crap.I do hate that your mom participated in a conversation with your SIL about you. But since the information was filtered through SIL, maybe the talk was not as negative as SIL tells it. (???)Happy 12 weeks! Big milestone and I hope you feel better soon.

  3. >Wow, your SIL sounds like a tool.Yay for the onesies!

  4. >damn, people really should keep their comments on names to themselves. we decided not to share with our family/friends for that very reason – someone always has some negative opinion/story/assosication they feel like sharing. sorry to hear you're still feeling yucky. hope it goes away soon!

  5. Jen

    >Sorry you are not feeling well, just be thankful that you are not actually puking–yesterday I puked 4 times. No good! SIL sounds evil and a sucker-outer-of-joy. Try not to take her negativity to heart b/c then she succeeds!

  6. S

    >ughhhh@family crap!!I'm just stoked that you are doing well, MS aside of course!!GL for the nuchal screening, I'm sure it will be a-ok!!S

  7. >I wrote a post yesterday but it disappeared – for some reason that often happens on your blog with me. Suffice to say I think you SIL is a mean loser and obviously has nothing else to do to keep herself from looking at her own s.hi.t than stir up other people's lives. I hope you don't get any more of her vitriol any time soon. Send cards, like cindy suggested! And glad things are progressing – except for the yuckt feelings.As for maternity clothes – I never knew about the pillow in the dressing room – what a hoot!

  8. >Family's always there to give their unsolicited opinion, aren't they? So annoying. I'm sorry that your mother let you down by sharing the names with SIL. I'm hoping that yuck feeling goes away completely soon!

  9. >Just tell everyone you're naming the kid Joan Jett and let them chill with that for awhile! Family members can really suck–especially when the matter has nothing to do with them. Sorry you are having to deal with the crap and feeling not so hot as well–but you have made it 12 weeks which is awesome!!Congrats!

  10. So what was the offending name? I find this link I guess via the tagged SIL on your blog. So it seems she’s been a PIA for a long time!

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