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>OB appt. – updated with scan pic

>Was so amazing!!! The nugget was moving all around, the doctor said it looked like it was sucking its thumb! It was the first time it really looked baby-shaped. So cool! Will post photo when DW is home and can scan it. Doctor said my EDD is 12/29 based on the baby’s measurements so I also picked up a week. He also said that at this point, the miscarriage risk is less than 5%. Yay! So excited! It was a much happier and more information-filled visit than I was used to with my RE. I liked the OB, too, and he’s not even going to be my regular one. I see her next time. Another happy-making event? I’m DONE with the estrogen shots and progesterone inserts!!! This is the best Monday ever!

Next up:

  • Blood draw and glucose test (early!) 6/19
  • 1st trimester screening 6/25
Here’s the nugget:


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>graduation (updated with photo)

>We had our last ultrasound with our RE this morning. The nugget looks great and the heart rate was 170 BPM. Only two more weeks on estrogen and progesterone! I made an appointment with the OB for 6/15 and an appointment for the first trimester screening on 6/25. I’m a little bummed that the OB I wanted is on maternity leave so I am starting with another doctor in her office. I also couldn’t tell for sure, but it sounded like they do the old rotating doctor thingy, which I’m not so keen on. I’ll find out when we go on the 15th.

So happy that things are progressing nicely and SO ready to move on to the OB. We took a picture of the u/s screen (stupid old-school machine that doesn’t print) so hopefully it turned out and I’ll share soon.

Go, nugget!

Here’s the pic:


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>symptoms already?

>I didn’t have much in the way of symptoms last time around (sore boobs is all that I recall), but I’m feeling quite a bit this go around and it’s early! I’m only 4w 5d! Anyway, I’m having slight nausea, ye olde sore boobs, and TMI – constipation (ick). I also cry at nothing (a song, tv, anything that strikes me) and have what we have termed Nugget Rage. This is when I get irrationally furious over nothing. Take the other day when Robek’s made my drink too thick to drink through the straw and then I couldn’t get a spoon to eat it with as we were at a movie theater and they didn’t have them. Cue the NUGGET RAGE!!!!! Poor DW. Lucky for me she finds the incidents amusing so far. It is not like me at all (I’m pretty mellow most of the time).

This is making me hopeful for this pregnancy, but I’m not taking anything for granted. Here’s hoping my symptoms keep on increasing. Stay tuned for more incidents of Nugget Rage.


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>beta #2

>173. It needed to double from 61 and it did. RE was happy with it, but I still find myself wishing it were higher. Our next step is another beta next Monday.

We have begun calling the baby “the nugget.” Stick, nugget, stick!


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