OB resolution

My OB appt. got moved to Tuesday (yesterday) at 4PM. We had a very positive experience with everyone in the office and are happily switching OBs permanently. I have to talk to my old OB’s office one more time this morning to get the rest of my file transferred as well as hopefully take over my same C-section timeslot. Then I see my new doctor 3 more times and then S is here! Unbelievable!

The new OB felt all around my stomach and agreed with our high-risk doctor that S is a big boy – he estimated his weight at 6.5 lbs at 35 weeks. We can’t wait to meet our big guy! I’m getting excited!

We are still working on getting our place in order. The plan is to work on the house Friday and Saturday so that we can put up our Christmas tree on Sunday. Last year, we had to take our tree down because our two young kitties insisted on playing and fighting in the tree. We are planning on keeping it up for a week undecorated this year and see if they get sick of it. Wish us luck!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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2 responses to “OB resolution

  1. >That's great news that you've found a new OB that you like. I laughed out loud at your Christmas tree issues. For 8 years we dealt with feuding cats around the holidays. As soon as our tree went up our boy (Frank) went CRAZY and would beat up his sister. Fortunately Frank never learned how to jump a baby gate so we'd simply set up a "Christmas safe haven" for our old lady cat to jump into when Frank got wild and festive. (:

  2. >thats great news!! so glad to hear you were able to get the OB situation figured out. enjoy decorating!

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