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random questions – edited

Does your baby wear shoes? We have a hell of a time getting them on S’s fat Fred Flintstone feet! It’s a bummer because we have several pair of cute shoes (he’s a size 4, we think…), but he never wears them because we have such a hard time getting them on. Any tips?

Is your baby now in the regular bathtub on his/her own? I get in with him as we have done for many many months now. He is constantly trying to stand up, jump, put his face in the water, etc., etc. Just curious if other’s LOs are on their own in there and how it’s going.

We hate the splat mat we are currently using (it was some cheapie one we picked up at Babies R Us). Anyone have one that they like?

Edited to add that a splat mat is a mat you put under the high chair so food doesn’t get all over the floor. The one we have is a thin plastic and it’s a pain to clean and has to be folded up every time. I’m thinking we need something a little thicker and with no pattern (some cutesy pattern on ours makes it near impossible to find spills to clean them up).


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more must haves

I thought I’d do another “must haves” list now that we’ve reached a year. These are items we’ve purchased or received within the last 6 months that we have loved.

  1. Chicco Hook On Chair
    Our place is small so we opted not to get a high chair. We got the Fisher Price seat as a gift at our baby shower and while it’s nice, I prefer the Chicco. Mainly because it puts baby up at table-level rather than lower in a seat. It is also more portable and comfy since it’s cloth instead of hard plastic. Cleanup is a bit harder (need to throw it in the wash fairly frequently), but I really love this seat!

  3. Tiny Diner
    This is a great product when you are out at restaurants. Most restaurant high chairs just pull up to the table, meaning there is no tray for baby and he/she has to eat off the table. This has suction cups that grip onto the table’s surface to keep it in place. It is clean and cute and we love it.

  5. Tails book
    Baby got this for his birthday and it has become his most favorite book (and he LOVES his books, so that means something). It has touch and feel, flaps, and pulls – all the things little hands love. It’s adorable to boot. I just noticed there are more books like this by the same author. I think we need more!

  7. Tub mat
    I won’t link to one as I think they are all similar (let me know if you feel that you have a superior one), but this was an essential as S likes to jump and jive in the tub. This helps it not be so slippery.

  9. Ergo baby carrier
    I got mine on for $70 and I’m so glad I did. You may remember that I had S in the Ergo for Comic-Con back in July and it worked out great. He was comfy and close to Mama, and napped when he needed to with no problems at all. Sometimes the stroller is just too much trouble. If you want one, keep an eye on BabySteals as they come up somewhat regularly!


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traveling with baby

I can’t believe the amount of stuff we’re planning to bring with us for a 4 day trip with baby. Seriously, check it out! (And let me know if there’s something missing, too.)

Food supplies

  • Oatmeal cereal

  • 2 bowls

  • 2 spoons

  • Earth’s Best Baby Food (4 jars – 2 veg, 2 fruit)

  • Apple sauce

  • Bib

  • Booster seat

  • Bottles (2)

  • Manual pump

  • Mesh feeder

Sleep stuff

  • Pack N Play

  • PJs (4-5)

  • iPod speaker + iPod (white noise for sleeping)

  • Waterproof pads (2)


  • Bag of toys

  • Teethers (2)

  • Books (3-4)

  • Blankets (2 A&A, 1 for floor play)

  • Ergo

  • Umbrella stroller

  • Stroller base for carseat

  • Teething tablets, Children’s Tylenol or Motrin, Mylicon

  • CA Baby shampoo/body wash

  • Baby lotion (CA Baby Calendula Cream)

  • Burp cloths (6-7)

  • Boppy

  • Sunscreen

  • Changing pad

  • NOT USED Baby pool float

  • Baby monitor

  • Baby towels/wash cloths (?)


  • 8-10 outfits

  • NOT USED Swimsuits & rash guards (2)

  • Hats (2-3)

  • Diapers

  • Wipes


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happiest baby on the block

My cousin taught me the fine art of the 5 S’s from the book Happiest Baby on the Block on Thursday and let me tell you, they work! Well, I’m really only doing 4 (no sucking [pacifier]…yet) and have put baby to sleep about 5 times this way. So awesome! It sounds really intuitive but you have to make sure the swaddle is really tight and you have to do some pretty vigorous bouncing. Wish I’d been doing this from day 1.

I think S is on the verge of laughing. I make a kissy noise when I wipe his mouth with the burp cloth and it cracks him up. He does a huge smile and seems just about to start giggling. I can’t wait for that to happen! So cute! Another thing that makes him really light up (smile and coo like crazy) is looking at the deer on his wall hangings above his changing table. Even if he’s fussy when you put him down, he immediately looks at the deer and smiles and starts “talking.” It is so sweet. I need to get some Flip video of this stuff.

He is now totally out of all of his 0-3 size clothes and wearing 3-6 mo. and in some cases 6 mo. clothes. Mr. Pants is getting so big!


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top ten baby must haves

I’m a little late on this one, but figured I’d weigh in anyway. Except for #1, these are not really in any kind of order, even though they are numbered 🙂

Beats the Boppy by a mile. This will be my go-to shower gift for moms-to-be who plan to breastfeed as it made life so much easier for me in the beginning. I still use it, but it’s not as critical as it was in the early days.
Can’t see them at all through your clothes. Love them.
I wish I’d had this from the beginning. Baby sleeps in it for a long time and it’s so nice to have both hands again!

4) One piece oufits that snap/zip all the way up (like this)

So much easier than those over-the-head kind – baby appreciates them so much.

5) California Baby products

After hearing that Johnson & Johnson No More Tears has formaldehyde that numbs baby’s eyes, we opted for the more pricey California Baby Tea Tree & Lavendar shampoo>, which is also tear-free but all natural. It smells great and has helped with cradle cap. The Calendula cream is also great – clears up little skin irritations and again with that wonderful aroma. We’ll be trying the sunscreen this summer and I’m looking forward to their baby bubble bath, too!
We got our Graco car seat from my cousin who had her twin boys last year, and put the stroller base on our registry. It is so convenient and you don’t have to wake the baby after a stroll or car ride!
This pump is working out great for me. Will be essential when I return to work.

8) Swaddling blankets

We started out with the Halo Sleep Sack with Swaddle, then moved on to the SwaddleMe. Both have worked well in keeping our little guy snug and swaddled most of the night (I say most because he does manage to get out of them on occasion). These worked better for us than a regular blanket swaddle since he is a strong dude.
There is probably a cheaper version of this, but we got two of them from cousin (see above re: cousin’s twin boys). We have one in the car seat and it works really well for keeping baby’s head from lolling all about. The other one travels around from swing, to Pack n Play, etc. to keep his head from lying flat (I’m paranoid about needing the helmet). Love this product.

10) A toy that plays music – we have this one

This is a life-saver when I need a few minutes to get something done. I even bring it into the bathroom and put it next to the bouncy seat when I shower. S loves looking at the glowing tummy and the music keeps him quiet for about 10-15 minutes. We need to get more toys like this one.


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OB resolution

My OB appt. got moved to Tuesday (yesterday) at 4PM. We had a very positive experience with everyone in the office and are happily switching OBs permanently. I have to talk to my old OB’s office one more time this morning to get the rest of my file transferred as well as hopefully take over my same C-section timeslot. Then I see my new doctor 3 more times and then S is here! Unbelievable!

The new OB felt all around my stomach and agreed with our high-risk doctor that S is a big boy – he estimated his weight at 6.5 lbs at 35 weeks. We can’t wait to meet our big guy! I’m getting excited!

We are still working on getting our place in order. The plan is to work on the house Friday and Saturday so that we can put up our Christmas tree on Sunday. Last year, we had to take our tree down because our two young kitties insisted on playing and fighting in the tree. We are planning on keeping it up for a week undecorated this year and see if they get sick of it. Wish us luck!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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Baby continues his trend of proving Mama wrong when I’m wondering about his development. On Friday, I mentioned to DW that I’ve never felt him hiccup. Well, guess what he did on Sunday (and again last night)? You got it – hiccups! Cutie. He continues to move a lot and he is such a big boy that you can see the movements pretty easily from the outside. The top of my stomach still kills. I can’t imagine what it’ll feel like in 5 more weeks. Ugh… I also think my belly button is about to pop out. I didn’t think it would happen as I have a very deep innie, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to happen, and soon.

On the home front, we are still trying to find places to store all of the great baby stuff we got at our shower. So. Much. Stuff! Of course, some of it is short term, so it won’t all be here for too long. Anyone in small spaces have good tips for smart storage? I’m figuring we’ll just have to live with less space, more baby stuff for a while.

Next up: Appt. with new OB tomorrow at 8:45AM.


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