finally some good OB news

Two good things happened on this front today:

  1. I found a doctor who will see me! I go in on Wednesday afternoon. He has good ratings from patients and is located right next door to my current OB, so convenient, too.
  2. Aetna called this afternoon and said they are going to consider my current crappy OB in network effective now through May of 2010 to get me through the birth and recovery. So if we are not impressed with new OB, I can continue with her and it will be covered.
I’m very relieved and hopeful that I will like my new OB. But it does feel good to know that I’m covered if I have to remain with my OB. Too bad we had to have a week of ridiculous stress about it!


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4 responses to “finally some good OB news

  1. >That is great news! Hurrah! Make sure you have that in writing from Aetna!

  2. >Hooray! I agree, get it in writing. This is great news. What a tremendous relief.

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