36 weeks

I had my second appointment with my new OB today and it went well. Nothing new to report – just weekly visits until baby arrives. We did end up keeping our same date and time for the delivery (12/21 at noon). I can’t believe it’s less than 3 weeks away. I’m both excited (to meet my baby) and anxious (about the surgery, recovery, breast feeding, etc.).

I continue to be extremely uncomfortable most of the time. My back has started hurting again and I can’t be on my back for more than a couple of minutes before I start feeling light-headed. I have been taking lots of baths, which really helps with the discomfort. Too bad they are only warm and not hot, but still, it feels pretty great. It’s been nice with our new tub, too! It’s huge compared to our old one and has arm rests for reading. Luxurious!
So far, the kittens are doing pretty well with the Christmas tree. Looks like we can keep it up this year! We’ll decorate it this weekend. Let’s hope that doesn’t spur them on in their tree shenanigans. We moved the glider into the bedroom to make room for the tree and my youngest kitty, Casper, has taken to getting in my lap to rock. It is really adorable. He is going to be most displeased when S arrives and gets that honor.


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3 responses to “36 weeks

  1. >Wow – it's amazing how soon your little Shanie is going to make his entrance. I'm sending hope and strength for a safe c section and speedy recovery. Having said that, make sure you have people waiting on you hand and foot so that you can recover well! Keep us posted! Sorry about the horrid back pain:(

  2. >wow, less than 3 weeks!! sooo exciting! i cant wait to meet little shane! 🙂 sorry to hear you are feeling so uncomfortable.

  3. >That is so funny about Casper… I think our Clair is going to be pretty upset when Sadie gets here too… bigger changes than the Christmas tree are heading their way!Sorry you're feeling so uncomfortable but glad to hear your new bath tub is so nice and helping! I just bought a rubber duck thermometer so I could measure the temp and enjoy baths again. Otherwise I was sitting in warm/cold water. Not so much fun!

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