boy oh boy

We had the first tri screen ultrasound today and our baby BOY looks perfect and healthy. The doctor said he didn’t see any need for invasive testing and that I can do the MaterniT21 test if we’re worried when we get the blood work back (he is not at all worried). YAY! We are thrilled that the dude is healthy, and we are thrilled to welcome another boy. Little brothers – how sweet!


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17 responses to “boy oh boy

  1. Awwwwww!!! BROTHERS!!!! YAY!!!!! Glad everything looks great!

  2. Yes!!!! Brothers are AMAZING! So happy he looks healthy 🙂

  3. A brother! They’re going to be such friends!
    I’m impressed that they were able to tell you so early.

    So, so happy for you all!

  4. Hurray for perfect and healthy!!
    12 weeks is early for a sex determination, was the doc positive? Two boys is wonderful!!

    • I thought it was strange, too. They told us before they even began that they could positively tell us the sex if we wanted to know. Of course we did and both the u/s tech and the doctor told us 100% sure it is a boy. They told us Monkey was most likely a boy at our first tri screening with him, but I don’t recall it being 100% at that point. Very interesting.

      • Through the TTC process and pregnancy with Little Monster, we became good friends with the U/S tech at our clinic and she told us at our last appointment with Baby #2 that the machines have advanced so much in the last 4 years since we were pregnant last time that sex determination is fairly possible as early as 13-14 weeks and for certain by 16 weeks. I was surprised as well, but I will say, she really knows her stuff and I would trust whatever she told us! That being said, wifey and I are STILL debating whether to find out (she wants to, I do not).

  5. Next in line

    Congrats on a new baby brother! How exciting:)

  6. Yay, for no concerns and for brothers!!

  7. Oh my god, I think I’m so used to all my blight friends who have two boys that at first it just didn’t register that you were making an announcement about the sex of your baby!
    Now I get it! Wow!!! Cool!!! A lot less clothes and toy shopping is in your future!
    Congrats!! Any news on the house?

    • We didn’t get the house and have since called off the search. We figured out it was going to be really tight money-wise to do it with just my salary, so we’re back to our original plan of moving when DW is back at work (which will be far off now that another bb is coming). Looks like a storage space is in our near future 🙂

  8. RDR

    So happy for you, boys rock!

  9. Lex

    Congrats! That’s awesome!

  10. Late to the party here, but congrats! Glad everything looks great!

  11. Congrats!! That is wonderful news.

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