maternity/nursing bras

I am bummed because I went to Target yesterday to buy a whole bunch of new bras – I used a specific type throughout my pregnancy and nursing days with Monkey and wanted to get the same ones for this pregnancy. Unfortunately, they don’t make them anymore. So I’m in need, friends. Any suggestions? The ones I have and like don’t have underwire and wash up well. Of course, they were also inexpensive. Considering how long I used them though, I’m fine with paying a bit more for something I really like.



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7 responses to “maternity/nursing bras

  1. aw, that sucks! have you tried finding it online? (i’m sure you have…)

    this was my favorite non-underwire nursing bra – i wore it the entire time i was home on maternity leave and then on evenings/weekends.

  2. I’m back – had to check the label on this one at home. This is my favorite sleep nursing bra, it’s verrry comfortable (just doesn’t provide a lot of support for public appearances!)

  3. My sister also loves the Bravado bras too (same style as AOOL suggested, I believe)… so much that she convinced me to buy one in preparation! She also loves Momzelle nursing tops which I will say look better on her than they do on the website, the lines are barely visable.

  4. chunkandmommy

    I bought all of my maternity bras at Gap Maternity and LOVED them. Love, love, love. They didn’t have underwires and even held up my giant-jersey-cows boobs. I think this is fairly similar to the style I wore in 2009…

  5. La leche league Vanessa. Not super cheap, but on sale right now in limited quantities and sizes at both Due Maternity and Very true to size, if you don’t get a chance to try them on.

  6. RDR

    I loved my medela nursing bra, my wife had to remind me to wash it every once in awhile because I loved it so much, never really changed out of it.

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