sick and tired

ZOMG the last week has been horrendous. First Monkey got sick (slight fever, sniffles). Then DW got sick. Then I got sick. Monkey missed a lot of school because he’s been sick. He also refused to nap for several days and has been getting up for the day at 4AM for the last 4-5 days. Yes, 4AM! He was back at school on Monday and Tuesday and is finally napping again. Between being sick, sleep-deprived and pregnant, I’m seriously on the ragged edge.

Weirdly, having this cold has put my morning sickness on the backburner. I don’t feel nauseous, I don’t want to eat, I just feel sick and wish that I could sleep for days and days. I hope all is well with the newbie. We go in for the first tri screening tomorrow. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit anxious, but I will be happy to see my old pal, Dr. Gay.

Please please please let the newbie be a sleeper. I am terrified of my future if I end up with two kids who don’t sleep :/


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2 responses to “sick and tired

  1. Next in line

    What the heck? Pnut is getting up at 5ish with one 4:50. Have they been facebooking each other? I don’t think the upcoming time change is going to help us at all either. You are a pregnant hero this week. I hope you can take off the cape soon.
    I have a sneaky feeling this next baby will sleep perfectly 🙂

  2. Ugh!!! Sounds horrible! My friend had a first baby that was a terrible sleeper and a second one that sleeps better. I’ve heard the second child is mellower, but maybe an experienced mom is better versed in working on helping the kid get into a routine. And you’re now an experienced mom. I tell myself this is how it’s going to be if we have a second!!! Wishful thinking!
    How about you take it in turns to take Monkey out on a half day trip while the other one takes a long nap? I fantasize about this but it rarely happens!
    Good luck with the scan:)

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