So, am I the only one dealing with this level of ridiculousness from my RE? I’m just livid and ready to start bawling. I thought I had everything worked out, only to get a cryptic email from my “coordinator” (what a joke) that the embryologist needs the embryos ASAP. So I immediately call her and go to voicemail. I leave a message telling her I need to know if we can do this courier thing today so that I can get it going (needed to get to a notary, get the form in the mail). I don’t hear back from her for 2 hours, so I email her. Get another cryptic email telling me to talk to someone at the other clinic to ensure he’ll be in the office and  then I can get the tank from my RE’s office, to the other office, and back in the same day. Yes, I realize this, moron. I was trying to save myself the headache of being on the road for hours while trying not to miss work and being sick as a dog. But we’ve now missed our window for getting the paper notarized and in the mail so, sure, we’ll be completely inconvenienced thanks to your incompentence. OMG I’m ready to go OFF! But as usual, I get to suck it up and just deal with it because we have to make this happen by next Thursday. If I weren’t in such a hurry to get this show on the road, I’d so be canceling this cycle and seeing an RE at the clinic where my embryos are. Just so pissed off right now. I feel like pretty much every doctor/business/etc. we ever deal with ends up at this point. WTF?


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3 responses to “rage

  1. amy

    wow that is frustrating. i would certainly be fuming if i were you. hopefully all works out for next week. fingers crossed.

  2. Can you stay home and watch cartoons with Monkey and have DW do the driving if you’re not well. They sound like they just don’t give a damn! Ugh!

  3. i have my fingers crossed you get this all worked out, what a PIA. (they are also firmly crossed that this cycle works and you never have to deal with the RE again)

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