ranty post ahoy

I am sick sick sick and have been for close to a month. I am going in to see my doctor tomorrow to see if she can help me or if I just have to wait it out.

Does the following make sense and should I bother sending it to my RE?

Hi, J. I just got off the phone with CLINIC A and have decided to use FedEx to have the tank and embryos couriered. I am going to have the consent form from CLINIC A notarized today and mail it over to them. Once they have it, I’ll contact you to have the tank FedExed to them (probably early next week), and then they will FedEx it back to you.

I have to say that I am disappointed that I’m having to be stressed out and inconvenienced (again) due to the fact that Dr. Q’s office wasn’t established when I first worked with him. I knew that going in, but I didn’t realize that I would be tasked with the logistics, planning and transport of sperm and now embryos with little to no assistance from YOUR CLINIC. Just so you understand my frustration, here is what I had to do back in April of 09:

  • Per Dr. Q’s office, I had the sperm shipped to a clinic located in Pasadena, CA (I believe it was CLINIC B).
  • Traveled from my home in the San Fernando Valley to the temporary Glendale office to pick up the tank.
  • Traveled to Pasadena to pick up sperm.
  • Delivered the sperm from the Pasadena clinic to CLINIC A in Los Angeles (why the sperm wasn’t sent to CLINIC A originally, I’m not sure).
  • Returned to my home in the San Fernando Valley.

This took me half a day and I had to take time off work to do it. I wasn’t able to use a courier service as I was only made aware of this a few days prior to my transfer date (yet another frustration in the process). It was stressful and seemed completely avoidable.

Now I will pay $200 or repeat the above process a few days before my estimated transfer date. Again, it is stressful and could have been avoided. The transfer of the embryos from CLINIC A should have been planned for and done far in advance of my transfer date. I always assumed that my embryos would have been transferred to Dr. Q’s facility on its completion as he is my doctor and his facility is where any future FET would take place. Not to mention that I met with Dr. Q in December of 2011 to discuss a future FET – why wasn’t this process planned for at that point, which would have been months in advance of the transfer?

I realize that I didn’t work with you at that time and I’m sorry to dump all of this on you, but I hope that your office would want to know if a patient is displeased. Also, perhaps this will help your office get a plan in place for this scenario, which could easily happen again with another patient.

Thank you, J. I will be in touch once CLINIC A has the notarized form.

AAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!! And I didn’t even mention the fact that when I was in their office last week, my RE had no idea if my embryos were still at Clinic A or at his office and he asked me whether they were 3 or 5 day embryos. He made a joke about not wanting to be known for losing embryos. Doesn’t exactly instill confidence, does it?


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5 responses to “ranty post ahoy

  1. sounds reasonable – your complaint, that is! aaargh!!! crazeeeeeeeee!
    i would send it!

  2. yup, send it. that’s unacceptable.

  3. That is insane!!!! Send it!!!! And hope you feel better soon!!

  4. wow. sounds a little like my first RE who couldn’t remember why i was there when i showed up for my post-failed-IUIs appointment. i switched to the factory. no BS like this at the factory.

    of course, RE #1 did help me mislead my insurance company (without ever lying), so i do owe her that.

  5. Next in line

    Fertility business is stressful enough without logistical bruhaha. Best of luck with getting everything where it is supposed to be.

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