granny and papa visit

Sorry for being so MIA lately. My parents were in town from last Thursday through this morning. We had a lot of fun, but I’m ready to have my house back. We (finally) had Monkey’s 2nd birthday party last Saturday at a bounce house place. It was a ton of fun! The kids all had a blast (the adults did, too).


We hit all of Monkey’s hotspots, including two local malls, our park, and Gymboree. We also took them to the Getty for the first time.

ImageIt is always a little sad to drop them off at the end of the visit. We’ll see them again in July for the annual beach trip 🙂

ION, we toured our local co-op nursery school yesterday and put Monkey on the list for next Fall. Craziness! It is walking distance from our house and very affordable. Another two mom family we know has their oldest enrolled and will be starting their youngest in the fall. He is 10 days younger than Monkey and they have weekly playdates, so it will be nice to have a friend on the first day 🙂 I can’t believe we are already to pre-school!

Monkey is talking up a storm lately. This morning when we left the house, he said, “Bye bye! See you soon!” Hahahahaha! Every day he has new words and better pronunciation than the day before. He loves to count and can get to 13 now (“thu-thu-thu-teen!”). He can also identify and say many letters. It’s happening fast and furious these days. He’s also done a bit of backsliding on sleep lately – maybe there’s a connection there. We’ve been up between 4-4:30 for a few weeks now after reaching 5:30-6 for quite a while. Let’s hope we’re back there again soon! Mama is so tired!


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3 responses to “granny and papa visit

  1. The shadow pic of Monkey is gorgeous! LM also loves to say Bye Bye See you soon, which, you are right, is so cute! Also, right there with you about preschool plans already?!?!? Where did our babies go????

  2. Happy two years to him! So big!

  3. Jac

    That is such an awesome photo… (the long shadow photo)

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