just a monkey update

I still haven’t started the weaning process. I kind of feel like I don’t know where or how to begin. We don’t have scheduled nursing sessions, so the idea of cutting one at a time doesn’t really do it. The only scheduled session we have is at bedtime and that will be the last to go. I’m thinking about calling the lactation consultant to see if she has any tips. She helped get us going so maybe she can help us stop? No idea.

Lately Monkey has been refusing to get dressed. It’s mostly around putting on a shirt, but there are many times when he refuses to get diapered or put on pants or socks or shoes. It is so frustrating. We keep discovering little tricks that will work for a while but then it’s over. I was able to get him to cooperate for a couple of weeks by letting him pick between two shirts and then singing a little song about getting dressed. That ended and DW started another one – whispering, “I have to tell you something. Let’s put on your pants/shirt/shoes. One two one two!” And he would do it. Not anymore. Today DW left the house with him in pants and socks and shoes, but without a shirt (she brought it with her with the idea that maybe a change of scenery would distract him enough to allow it). We’ll see what happens. Yesterday they didn’t leave the house because he refused to get dressed. I’m sure others of you out there are experiencing this as well. Let’s share our secrets!

Brushing teeth is another big battle. He refuses to cooperate, so we have to physically hold him down and try to brush. He clenches his jaw shut, bites the brush, etc, etc. I feel like he hasn’t had a good tooth brushing in months and I’m scared about the state of his teeth. He used to “brush” on his own sometimes and seemed to like it, but he has refused to do that for months. If I thought he’d go for it, I’d try to get him into a dentist just so I know where we stand. I have a mouth full of fillings (and a couple of crowns) even though I always floss and brush and take care of my teeth, so this is anothe reason I’m so worried. Tips in this area would also be greatly appreciated.

Monkey mimics words a lot these days, so his speaking skills are rapidly improving. We are also really watching what we say around him πŸ™‚ A funny: He loves Cars (though he’s not yet seen the film – we have a DVD of Mater shorts that he likes) and he used to call Lightning McQueen “Kee-kee-keen!” That has turned into “KinalaKeen!” The number of “Kinalas” varies, so sometimes it’s “KinalaKinalaKinalaKeen!” So friggin’ cute. He continues to love numbers and letters and he shocks the hell out of me by how many he knows! It’s nuts! He doesn’t sing the whole ABC song, but he identifies many letters and gets very excited while doing so. He is starting to understand the teens (in terms of numbers), and he really loves counting things.

I know that potty training is in our near future. We bought Elmo’s Potty Time and the Signing Times potty DVD and he enjoys watching them. He tells us whenever he is about to poo but he doesn’t want to sit on the potty. To be fair, we haven’t been very pro-active about having him sit on the potty at all. Guess we should start that. We have a Bjorn potty and a Bjorn potty seat for the big potty, so we’re all ready on that front.

TTC #2? Still mulling that one over… Sigh.


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  1. im working on a post about weaning right now. it’s not super detailed though, so if you want to chat about it, shoot me an email. the way i got Bird down from nursing whenever/all the time was to simply tell her that from now on, nursing is for bedtime. it took her a couple of days, but she caught on pretty quickly and accepted the change without too much protest. then, when we were nursing in bed (in mornings and at bedtime), i’d talk about it with her (i.e., we are nursing now because it’s night-night time, we nurse in the bed…) once i had her down to twice a day and on a routine, it was easier to cut back on specific sessions.

    i hear you on the difficulty getting a toddler dressed. o…m….g! πŸ˜›

  2. ps. on the tooth brushing, what kind of kid paste are you using? have you tried switching that? Bird likes the way it tastes, so happily brushes her teeth. i think she thinks its a treat!

  3. I agree with AnOfferingOfLove. I did the same–just said that breastfeeding was for bedtime. He protested but eventually got it. Then I was able to leave it at that for a while until I could say, no breastfeeding is coming up and then that’s it. Jackson is almost 3 and just stopped breastfeeding at night.

    I had to force Jackson to brush until quite a while after 2. I would just force it and one day he’ll get it. I wouldn’t bother with the toddler toothpaste but go straight to a tiny amount of the kid fluoride one. I’m saying this as someone who doesn’t have tooth problems but my son sure did. I couldn’t clean his molars well due to the problems you’re describing and with breastfeeding in the night (sugary milk that speeds up the decay process), he ended up with 4 root canals and caps on his first molars. And even with him allowing me to really scrub the molars behind that, he is due to get 2 fillings on the bottom ones. 😦 I know it’s hard but so worth it to get those teeth cleaned well. I never had a problem with my daughter but my son’s fissures are deep and impossible to clean. I forced the dentist to look at them when he was almost 2 because I couldnt’ clean them well and thought there might be decay. I was right. FYI the toddler toothpaste does nothing for the teeth.

    Clothing is hard. They go through phases. I would often pretend to put on the clothes or say they were mine and that trick worked a lot. Toddlers want things for themselves.

  4. JDZ

    Sadie actually went to the dentist for the first time yesterday. It was just a “ride in the chair” with quick look in her mouth. It was more to get her used to the idea of going. Although they have suggested we wait until 3 we’ve already booked a follow-up at 2.5. I have some concerns too and wanted to get on it. Maybe a dentist around you will do the same? She even got a toy! Btw, we were told there is an excellent Dora book for going to the dentist.
    I’m going to FB you about potty training. I’ve got something we’re going to try that I’d like to share. (;

  5. Jac

    For the tooth brushing battle… it’s a battle here too. Liam will tolerate it sometimes, but most of the time he will not cooperate. It’s not my favorite part of the bedtime routine… But it was worse early on. We switched to an electric toothbrush which he seemed to like because mommy and daddy uses one. He didn’t like it at first, but after chewing up the regular brushes, we decided to go this route. Your Monkey may like the change of a cool new toothbrush, I don’t know… But yeah, we are definitely in the same boat… lots of good things happening at this stage, but also lots of challenging things. I guess this motherhood thing never gets easier! LOL As soon as you think you have something figured out, some other issue comes along that you have to deal with! At least we are not alone in this endeavor of parenthood!! πŸ™‚

  6. Also, for potty training, we have done it twice. The first time I insisted because I knew she could do it. It took 3 months for her to finally just do it. And it was like she just decided she would. She didn’t care about accidents… With Jackson, he could have done it much earlier but he just didn’t really care. Then one day he did. He potty trained earlier than his sister and was fully potty trained around 2.5 years. He rarely had an accident and it was soooo much easier. I think that part of it is the kid and if they want to. You don’t control their bowels so it’s hard to really force them to do it. That said, there are lots of different ideas for motivating them. Good luck!! One thing that worked was naked bottoms at home. They tend to go to the potty if they’re not wearing anything because they know there’s nothing to catch their accident. Another suggestion was to put underwear under a pull up when you go out so no mess but they still feel wet and uncomfortable. I also recommend throwing towels on accidents because they are easier to absorb up a big mess and you can wash them. I found them less of a pain than getting tons of paper towels. Hope it’s easy for you!

  7. We find that ours is more amenable to getting dressed if we let him try it first himself or get started (he’s actually gotten pretty good with socks!), or give him a choice of what he wants to wear. He’s never been that bad about it though. Just think of it as yet another phase πŸ˜‰ With tooth brushing, we have to force it sometimes as well. He loves his toothpaste though…it’s strawberry Tom’s of Maine. Different tooth brushes work as well…we’ve gotten electric toothbrushes he can decorate with stickers, and I know some people have used musical ones with success.

  8. Next in line

    Toothbrushing was sucking the life out of me at bedtime. It required more patience than I had to give. It was becoming a huge battle and we tried all kinds of things and it was only getting worse. We googled it to get other ideas and someone mentioned TV. We don’t have a TV but now she gets to watch a couple of Sesame Street videos on YouTube. Life is pretty much golden. If she doesn’t cooperate with brushing they are shut off. I also use videos to cut her nails. Lately she is complaining about the toothpaste being too spicy. I am going to try some of the other bloggers suggestions and get a kids paste. I thought they were supposed to go the dentist at one. She has been twice already and on her second visit she got her teeth cleaned, flossed and flourided. We read the going to the dentist book daily for a month before we went. I hope you find something that works for Monkey and you because it is such a daily battle.

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