three french hens

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We are usually homebodies for the holidays, but sometimes we venture out. Christmas 2008, DW, MiL and I went to my parents house in Charleston, South Carolina (they have since relocated – bummer as I love Charleston). It was the first Christmas after FiL died, so we thought it would be good to do something different, change of scenery type of thing. We had a great time! We did lots of touristy stuff, ate a bunch of delicious meals out, and enjoyed visiting with my parents and my brother and his family. I know it was still difficult for DW and MiL (and for me as well on a lesser scale), but I think it helped to be somewhere new and keeping busy.

Middleton Place Plantation, Charleston, SC

Charleston, SC

For the last few years, my company has closed the office for the week between Christmas and New Years so we sometimes do a 2 night trip up the coast a bit to Cambria, which I’ve mentioned before on my blog. It has been a favorite spot of ours for many years – we tour Hearst Castle, hang out on the beach, shop in the cute little town, and build a fire in our room. We are thinking about doing it this year, too. Better get on that!

Me in Cambria

I could definitely see us traveling over Christmas when Monkey is a bit older, but for now, I like having a cozy family Christmas at home. This year we aren’t even traveling to Grandma’s (she lives 45 minutes north of us). Instead, she is spending the night on Christmas Eve and will be at our house for Christmas day. Yay!


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4 responses to “three french hens

  1. home for christmas day sounds perfect 🙂

    love the pics of charleston!

  2. I completely ADORE Charleston, SC and we vacation in South Carolina every year 😉 Btw, I am trying to talk the wife in to going on a cruise over Christmas some year but she is not having it yet…she likes the whole wake up Christmas morning in the cozy house thing.

  3. We travel for the holidays, and I enjoy it, but I can also see it being really nice to wake up in your own bed on Christmas morning, creep into the living room and have your little one tear into the presents under the tree.

    Hope you have a great holiday!

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