four calling birds, five golden rings

Yeah, yeah, I’m playing catch up 🙂

Topic: Holiday cards

I’ve always sent Christmas cards, but it is SO much more fun to do now that there is an adorable little guy to feature on them 🙂 We did a family shoot in November at the Getty Museum and they turned out great. I’ll try to do a password-protected picture post today or tomorrow and show you.

Christmas/holiday cards we receive get placed on the fridge if they are photo cards and on the bar if not. I’m thinking about doing something like this or this with photo cards from now on. I like the idea and I never know what to do with them when the holiday is done. It would be fun to store with our Christmas stuff and pull out each year at the holidays.

Also, how cool is it to get fun stuff via the regular mail?

Topic: Decor and baubles

I mentioned before that we do a woodland animals themed tree, but I didn’t mention our crazy adorable tree skirt, which looks like it belongs in a cabin somewhere. It is kind of a patchwork of plaid and corduroy fabrics and has a deer, a bear, and a couple of other woodland animals, as well as some pinecones and other such cuteness. It was expensive, but so perfect for our theme. I’m glad we got it. My MiL also got me a realistic looking black bear cub that I wanted a few years back. Our plan is to photograph the baby with it each year to see how he’s grown. He is already as tall as the bear this year! INSANE! He frequently hugs the bear 🙂

Other holiday decor includes a big collection of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer toys that DW displays in a scene or two (this is a small portion of the scene from the last time we put it up in 12/08):

We also have a wooden Advent box, an old-fashioned Santa with numbered blocks to count down the days until Christmas, and other small items. We don’t have all of this out this year, but we know Monkey will love it all when the time comes. Here is baby’s stocking, which we got this year:

In short, we love the holidays!

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  1. love that stocking!! 🙂
    the card/craft idea is super cute too!

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