weaning and birthday and christmas, oh my!

Figured I’d start with an update on the weaning process. So far, nada – hahahaha. One night last week we tried having DW put him to bed and go in for any wakeups prior to our bedtime (usually I do bedtime and nurse him back to sleep when he wakes in the early evening). Bedtime went fine. First two wakeups went fine. Third wakeup? Cue the freakout! DW and I actually had an argument about it because I went in after hearing him get steadily more upset over the course of about 5 minutes. I just couldn’t stand hearing him wail when I knew I could fix it so quickly and easily. I also wondered if he was upset because I wasn’t there (beyond just the breast, you know?). Anyway, I went in and comforted and nursed and got him back to sleep and we called it off for a bit. Sigh.

After that experience, I really wish I could just do the FET and continue nursing Monkey until he’s ready to quit. I feel so bad taking something from him that he loves so much. I have been considering getting a list of the meds my RE would use for the FET and contacting a specialist (the doctor someone mentioned in my earlier post) to see if it would be possible. At the same time, though, I’m not sure I could physically do the crazy amount of nursing he demands and be pregnant during those first few months. Argh. It’s so hard!

Monkey’s second birthday will be here in 9 days.Ā  Hard to imagine! We decided to hold off on his party until January. There is just too much going on to throw that in the mix and since he’s still so young, he doesn’t know any different. My parents are going to try to come for it, too, so that would be nice. My dad is a December baby (his bday is the third) and he was like, “You give that baby his birthday!” Like we wouldn’t do anything on his actual day! Please! We have lots of gifts and will have a cake and do something special on the 21st. Then in January he’ll have his friends party. We’ve decided to ditch the Julius monkey theme for this year and go with an Elmo’s World party. I’m already pinning all kinds of ideas on Pinterest šŸ™‚ He LOVES Elmo, so it seems fitting. We’re going to hire someone to show up in an Elmo costume. I’m imagining the freaking toddlers when he shows up. How fun!

DW and I are also excited about Christmas. We have all of his gifties and can’t wait to see his reactions. Last year he was still too young to really get it, but this year will be a different story. We got him stuff we already know he loves (a wagon, which is coming from my parents, and a shopping cart filled with “food” are his big gifts).

So, that’s what happening in our world. We continue to talk about #2 and I think it’s really going to happen. Hopefully we can figure out a way to get there through the nursing situation sooner rather than later. I’d really like to take a shot in January, if possible…

And to remind myself, my next post will be all about Monkey and what he’s doing these days in terms of speech and other toddler developments.



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2 responses to “weaning and birthday and christmas, oh my!

  1. im right there with you on the weaning. it’s so hard! i try to set limits, but with a talking toddler, it is difficult, as she tries negotiating the new rules! šŸ˜‰
    this is possible…right??

    how is monkey almost 2?! craziness.

  2. RDR

    We are trying to figure out sleeping arrangements and nursing at night. I am at a loss!

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