re visit round 2

I went back to the RE this morning to have a blood draw, ultrasound, and some other minor procedure where they look at your lady parts with a camera. We were going to do this at the last visit, but Monkey was with us and it was just getting to be too long an appointment. The camera thingy was a bit more intense than I expected! Ow! All the procedures I went through 2+ years ago to have Monkey came flooding back while I was on the table getting my exam. Kind of unexpectedly, there was also a fair amount of excitement at the prospect of another pregnancy/baby.

For the TMI crowd, I have fibroids again, but none that are very big. RE is ready to do this thing. He was like, “Okay, let’s get some embryos in there!” And was talking to his nurse about readying the paperwork and getting it going. I was like, “Hold up! I still have a Monkey to wean and we aren’t totally at 100% on this second baby thing yet! Give us a month or two.” But I think I’m at like 98% and ready to get it going, myself 🙂 OMG!



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5 responses to “re visit round 2

  1. RDR

    Wow, so exciting!!!

  2. wow, that is exciting!!!
    Just cos I am nosy and a fibroid queen myself – are the fibroids in the wall of your uterus and not the cavity? I am guessing that’ s true other wise they wouldn’t be talking about knocking you up so soon!
    Well it’s really exciting that the RE is all gung ho and really great that you have frosties to work with!!! And don’t worry about being older. If your uterus is fine, it’s fine. It doesn’t age anything like as fast as eggs. I am hoping to get knocked up again in a year or so too and am counting on my uterus to do her thing!!!!! Good luck with the weaning – going over to write a comment on there:)

    • glamcookie

      Hiya! Apparently they are in the wall as RE mentioned that there was one he was concerned about on ultrasound, but it ended up being fine once he got in there with the camera and was able to really see everything. That was lucky because I am not up for another myomectomy. I think that would have been the end of #2 discussion right there, sadly.

  3. So, so exciting! I hope that everything goes well once you decide that you’re ready. We’re just starting the process again ourselves and had the same, “Wait a second -I’m not ready yet!” experience as you. Looks like Feb. will be our first attempt.

  4. Absolutely exciting! Chances are it will be “easier” this time too, especially since it seems like all involved are excited, and I’ve heard that FET is gentler on the body, yes?

    Cheering for you as you decide when to hit the green “Go!” button!

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