nursing and fet/ivf/iui info

I looked up Dr. Hale after seeing a previous poster mention him as an expert in pharmacology for nursing mothers and found a treasure trove of information! First, I wanted to make sure he was the one the poster referred to. And he was!

Now in terms of whether you could continue to nurse when undergoing an FET (or IVF, medicated IUI), I found some interesting information:

They also have a forum dedicated to antidepressants and nursing, and they have an app that I plan to download to my iPhone ASAP.

And if you have questions that aren’t addressed (forums only allow questions from healthcare professionals), you can call them at 806-352-2519.

What a great resource! Thanks to the poster for bringing Dr. Hale to my attention.

UPDATED to add this contradictory link from the same forum found by my pal at An Offering of Love.



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5 responses to “nursing and fet/ivf/iui info

  1. interesting. but, im still confused…the answer to that IVF question you linked to above seems to contradict this one in the same website:

    did the answers you read here make you re-think weaning and doing a FET?

    • glamcookie

      Ooh, I didn’t notice that one! Well, I’m thinking about getting a list of the meds they want me to take, including dosages, and calling them. Just to get all of the info I can to make an informed decision.

      • well, please keep us posted – i’m very interested.

        right now, im leaning heavily on the “must wean” side of things. i want the answer to be different, but i just can’t justify to myself taking a risk with Bird’s health. plus, if i’m even a fraction as sick this time around as i was the first time, ugh. breastfeeding while puking doesn’t sound pleasant! 😉

  2. Nothing to add on the weaning but had to say the new header pic is PRECIOUS!!!!

  3. Claire

    Nice to know – even though I’m still confused. Keep us posted! New header divine!

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